DrumPIPO Ensemble releases “Christmas In Africa” just ahead of the festive season..

Lavatory Records

DrumPIPO Ensemble is an Afro Jazz band founded by Philip Sowah who is Ghanaian by birth and now based in Pretoria, South Africa. A multi talented act who have performed across the globe including Africa, Asia and America. Their sound is generally unique as an Afro Jazz genre.

The first album titled Dreams Come Alive was all over the international market on iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play and other digital download stores, which made a huge impact to the band’s fans and followers.

DrumPIPO Ensemble has just released a new album,  Christmas in Africa which is currently available on all major digital download stores and CDs can be ordered vie the DrumPIPO Facebook Page. You can check out the tracks on the latest album off their SoundCloud profile.

Philip Sowah proudly has this to say:

“This is the next big thing to happen in my entire career and I believe that this album will set a pace for many African musicians to follow…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you in advance!! “


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