“Menace II Society” by Chron Burgundy and Huck Finn from the “New Rap City” album

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Chron Burgundy & HuckFinn have decided to pre-release another single called Menace II Society ,which serves as the second single after the New Jack City single. 

Menace II Society was the song that birthed the idea of Chron & Huck putting together the New Rap City EP. It was also the first official OB-1 beat, that both artists had ever jumped on.

Look out for the Johannesburg duo’s first video dropping soon. In the meantime you can stream/download the song below.


Nova Beach Party festival at Suncoast Beach in Durban on Saturday the 17th of December 2017

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The Nova beach party will be taking place at Suncoast Beach in Durban this Saturday the 17th of December. The event will start at 11 AM on the Suncoast Beach lawns. Tickets are available at Computicket and are priced at R120. More details of the event can be found on their Facebook Events page. You can also check out the event

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Funkyhouse and Nu-Disco DJ Paul Marks will be playing at the event. Should you want to know more about him, check out his interview with us from back in September.  Below is the rest of the lineup for the event:

● Funky G
● Syzo
● HuckFinn
● Park
● Jayy Jabs
● Craig Rude
Paul Marks
● G – Major
● Knott
● Asante
● Alex M
● Hart
● Fosfo
● Commons
● Funky Bunch

Below is a taste of what to expect from Paul Marks in his latest called Summer Sampler 2016 which is available on  both Mixcloud and Soundcloud .

Techno DJ and producer, Eryx, disperses music electronically…

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Eryx is a techno DJ and producer who hails from the Basque area in Spain. Despite having an alias which originates from Greek mythology in Eryx, this DJ/ producer is actually from a city called Vitoria-Gaistez, while the legendary Eryx was a king of Sicily and renowned boxer.

As a techno musician in a monarchical country like Spain where one’s chances of being the actual “King” of the state are impossible, it means one has little or no influence in terms of the popularity of their music and attraction of a wide audience. . Hence having to be “King” is not enough in terms of national production and sovereignty – which means Eryx has to mix up his “boxing” set of combinations and take his music to other regions

This is where the UK-based Musica Dispersa records, as a meeting of points for Eryx, has come in to advance his cause. This is in particular to the current music culture where people may share (music) files more readily than opportunities. We spoke to Eryx about his passion for making music and how he got into it, the music industry in Spain and what he has in store for the future.

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Tre’s catching a case of the “Industry Blues” (Press Release)

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If one holds their breath long enough, then their face will start turning blue (visibility of which depends on the amount of melanin one has). For a white rapper like Tre, who has been plying his trade in the industry for almost a decade without a single radio hit, it’s easy to ‘catch the blues’ as he is still holding out. The blues as a musical genre is centered around the central theme of depression. If there ever was a time for the music industry to slump into depression, the current digital age would be it; which now seems to be past the point of economic recession.

Industry Blues is about Tre’s experiences since coming into the industry – from when he dropped out of his tertiary studies to pursue what many may deem as a fruitless dream. Although he hasn’t “made it” yet, Tre promises to keep grinding and is not about to let up. Industry Blues will be on Tre’s next album Get Up: All City Toy which is due for release in early 2017.

As Tre’s second single to be campaigned for national radio, this speaks of Tre’s tenacious nature despite his previous single Enough being play-listed on only one community radio station in South Africa. If at first you don’t succeed – you try again, lamenting that one must suck it up even if it means going blue in the face (of adversity).

Check out the Industry Blues snippet video.

Industry Blues has transcended musical single status and is now a conversation, in the form of a reality series on the Tre Channel on YouTube. The series is hosted by the surging Techno/TechHouse DJ KING//HER, who will also be releasing some musical projects via Tre’s label TNT Productions. You can watch KING//HER presents Industry Blues Episode 01 on the Tre Channel.

Website: http://www.official-tre.com

Blog: www.officialtre.co.za

Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialtre

Twitter: www.twitter.com/treunlimited

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TreChannel

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Interview of KING//HER by Cola DJ Stibo on the Audio Empowerment Series called “African Inspired Dreams”.

The Techno, Tech House and Minimal DJ KING//HER who has become a mainstay feature on the Lavatory Records network, has now been featured on an exclusive interview which is hosted by Cape Town based DJ: Cola DJ Stibo.

This interview is for an African women empowerment initiative called African Inspired Dreams, which is an audio series on YouTube, where can listen/stream the African Inspired Dreams Interview featuring KING//HER.  #KingHerSlayed #KingHerFanClub

You can also follow African  Inspired Dreams on Facebook and Instagram . You can follow Cola DJ Stibo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.