Techno DJ and producer, Eryx, disperses music electronically…

Lavatory Records

Eryx is a techno DJ and producer who hails from the Basque area in Spain. Despite having an alias which originates from Greek mythology in Eryx, this DJ/ producer is actually from a city called Vitoria-Gaistez, while the legendary Eryx was a king of Sicily and renowned boxer.

As a techno musician in a monarchical country like Spain where one’s chances of being the actual “King” of the state are impossible, it means one has little or no influence in terms of the popularity of their music and attraction of a wide audience. . Hence having to be “King” is not enough in terms of national production and sovereignty – which means Eryx has to mix up his “boxing” set of combinations and take his music to other regions

This is where the UK-based Musica Dispersa records, as a meeting of points for Eryx, has come in to advance his cause. This is in particular to the current music culture where people may share (music) files more readily than opportunities. We spoke to Eryx about his passion for making music and how he got into it, the music industry in Spain and what he has in store for the future.

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: Who is Eryx and what is the meaning behind the name?

Eryx: My real name is Javier Herrero, a techno DJ and producer from Spain. Eryx is a name associated with Greek mythology. I found it to resonate with me, and so I adopted it as my alias.

LR: How did you discover your love for music and in particular techno?

Eryx: I discovered electronic music at a performance by Oscar Mulero in one of the apartment blocks where I lived in 1995. Since then my life has revolved around electronic music, especially the darker sounds.

LR: What made you decide on DJ-ing as a career?

Eryx: Eryx: I always wanted to devote my life to music, despite how difficult it is to make a living from it. DJing allowed me the freedom to do what I love.

LR: How would you describe your sound?

Eryx: My sound is TECHNO. I think I really found my sound after a few years of listening to artists whose music helped pick me up when I was down. It was like a ‘fix’ for me, which motivated me.

LR: Which musicians played the biggest role in inspiring your career?

Eryx: There are too many to mention all, but some that stand out are Oscar Mulero, Jeff Mills, Exium, Reeko, Surgeon, Christian Wunch and Infinite.

LR: Which musicians (in any genre) would you like to collaborate with?

Eryx: I would like to collaborate with any of the artists I’ve already mentioned above. Although collaboration is good because music is a journey where one is always learning.

LR: If you had to plan a world tour, which DJs would you like to join you on the road?

Eryx: Sleeparchive, Oscar Mulero, Perc, Xhin, Go Hiyama…

LR: How has the industry in Spain been towards you in terms of career development and success?

Eryx: The fact that it costs a lot to be able to work in the industry here in Spain, leaves one open to many disappointments. The industry is very competitive.

LR: Are there any changes you’d like to see in the music industry globally?

Eryx: To see artists working together more than competing against each other.

LR: Any upcoming projects/ gigs you’re currently working on you wanna tell us about?

Eryx: I recently released my first EP through the Musica Dispersa record label, which was premiered in Madrid on 18/11 at club Specka. It will be available via Bandcamp from December.

I will be playing at the Musica Dispersa events around Spain, and hopefully internationally.

Lavatory Records

LR: Are they any special mentions you want to shout out?

Eryx: A big thank you to Musica Dispersa for the opportunity they’ve afforded me, and of course, Lavatory Records for this interview – I hope to see you soon.

Keep up with Eryx’s moves by following him on his personal Facebook account, Facebook page and Soundcloud.

You can also follow his label Musica Dispersa on their Facebook page. The new Eryx EP will be available via the Music Dispersa Records Bandcamp during the course of this month!

Lavatory Records


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