A Moment To Remember In THE MAJOR!

Lavatory Records

As the saying goes: cometh the man, cometh the moment! A new artist we have come to know ‘The Major’ like all seasoned musicians has created a moment for music lovers to savour, he backs the new single with a massive campaign to inspire people to value themselves and challenge problems that affect the world.

Music always reminds us of certain moments we attach to particular songs – best encapsulating the emotions surrounding the experience. Simply put, we do not just play back music, we play back memories as to derive pleasure from it…

The Major, whose birth name is Peter Khanda is no stranger to the music business, he is a well-established sound engineer. Going from behind the scenes to the front of the stage is a major step (pun intended lol) as it requires a bold personality and tenacious ambition!

We caught up with The Major and chopped it up about his new artistic ambitions, the meaning behind the new name and, of course, his latest  hot single Moment To Remember!

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I’m A Survivor (Remix) music video by Uniekgrace

Lavatory Records

Nigerian pop singer Uniekgrace is back with her music video for the I’m A Survivor (Remix). This remix  to the original is an electronica cross over, just like the music video showcases Uniekgrace’s multicultural exposure for she is based in Belgium.

Hope you all enjoy the music video!

Chron Burgundy & Huck Finn getting “Paid In Full”

Lavatory Records

Chron Burgundy and Huck Finn have leaked  a third single off of their forthcoming collaborative EP called New Rap City. The third single from that project is called Paid In Full .



The project which has been inspired by urban themed films such as Menace To Society and New Jack City, is still yet to have an official release date. We will ensure to break it to you all as soon as we have more information on that! Till then enjoy the Paid In Full track!


Introducing “The Drive By Design” mixtape series (press release)


Music drives us, literally and figuratively! The “drive”, in the abstract, is what keeps us going on a day-to-day basis as a means of motivation. In the literal, many urban folks commute either by driving themselves or being driven by others to some form of music in the background. That’s what defines the drive, with music playing a role of inspiration; either to get us through the day or a physical trip.

In Hip Hop, ‘gangster rap’ is synonymous with “drive-bys” and organised crime; in this sense ‘the drive’ can accompany undesirable results and negative consequences. Such is life though, the good and bad lead us to a destination. For Lavatory Records and TnT Corporation this was all it took to derive this concept, having to leave others behind while picking up others along the way – to create a new sound track in transit. Such is the design of life and the path we all go through, filled with potholes, cross roads, cul-de-sacs, dead ends and detours. Whatever happens though, we keep driving.

The Drive By Design is in partnership with TNT Corporation (headed up by punk rapper Tre – check out his new website)who will assist in audio engineering the series of project. The Drive By Design Volume 1 is set to be released in the first quarter of 2017, and will be hosted by music producer Crispy T.  This is a showcase for Hip Hop/Rap artists to get themselves on, this will be a compilation of  indie rap artists worldwide. Crispy T is the curator and will select tracks from artists around the globe.  

This is music that you would wanna bump while you enjoy the ride…. stay the course and keep driving!

“Moment To Remember” single by The Major

Lavatory Records

Audio engineer Peter Khanda has a new artist alias when he is not setting up the mic before a recording session. He is now known as The Major when he steps up to the mic himself and expresses himself vocally. The moment has come for him, on his latest single featuring kwaito singer Star Borne Kwaito on his single entitled Momemt To Remember 

“Every moment is a moment to remember” so lets share it together and make it count: post your moments with family and friends and tag us:#MomentToRememberSa

– The Major

While you enjoying his new summer jam we have been at work on getting an exclusive interview with The Major, mainly  regarding his new direction as musical profession. Be on the lookout for that follow up the interview with The Major, which is definitely a”Moment To Remember”.



Lindsay “The Dude” B2B with KING//HER @ The Motor Sports Club, Harare

Lavatory Records

The KING is in Harare, Zimbabwe and she headlining an event at the The Motor Sports Club this Saturday the 21st of January. Our girl KING//HER  and Lindsay”The Dude” are the main draw cards for the event, which has been described as “experimental” where patrons will be introduced to Electronic Dance Music such as Techno, Trap, Future Bass and various forms of House music . Check out the Facebook events page for more details.

Lavatory Records

The event starts at 8PM and also there’s no fee at the door,as entry is free to get inside The Motor Sports club with specials at the bar.

We will have more news and interesting features by KING//HER in weeks to come. Stay tuned!




“Radium/Mindblower” singles by Northbeatz Digital are available now for pre-order

Lavatory Records

Northbeatz Digital which is the label headed up German Techno producer Michael Lambart, have released two singles Radium/Mindblower  which are both available for pre-order. You can in the mean time stream and enjoy , before you purchase.

If you haven’t yet read our interview with Michael Lambart from earlier this month – please ensure that you do catch that read.

Grooving in Darkness with Techno producer Michael Lambart

Lavatory Records

Welcome to Bremen, a town in Germany which is known for its musicality. Thanks mainly to he fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm called “The Town Musicians of Bremen”. Unlike the story book where the main characters were actually not from Bremen (and never made it to Bremen). Our feature this week is a town musician named Michael Lambart who happens to hail from Bremen.

Michael Lambart is a techno music producer from Bremen. Known as one of the pioneers of the “Dark Techno” sound, Michael also heads up the label Northbeatz Digital.

Since techno music is regarded as a niche genre, the multi-talented Michael recently delved in DJing in order to further this movement through the Darkgroove audio mix series. We, at Lavatory Records, had a moment with Michael and discussed his tenured but rather low-key career, which started in the 1990’s.

As another point of comparison to the story by the Brothers Grimm of the musicians who were past their peak, we quizzed Michael on the longevity and commercial viability of techno music. Is it all “doom and gloom” and rather “grim” reading for Techno music? It is over to the “Dark Tech Town Musician of Bremen” to gives us the answer.

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Press release by battle rapper and Pastor Zach Is Nobody – on his latest battle against Pry The Greatest

Lavatory Records

PITTSBURGH, PA – December 30, 2016… Christian Ministry and Battle Rap. These are two worlds that to many would seem far apart, however, to Zach Deaton, (aka Zach Is Nobody) these two worlds represent his vocation, calling, and passion. He has been successfully able to combine these two worlds over the last two years, first by rising to the main stage of the concept rap league SLAP Battles (aka Showing Love Applying Pressure). From there, he branched out into the secular world of battle rap by competing twice in No Coast Battles.

Zach Is Nobody battled Cincinnati rapper Pry The Greatest in St. Louis this past fall. The footage from this battle recently dropped and can be seen here:

In addition to continuing to pastor and compete in both the concept and secular arenas, Zach Is Nobody will join friend and fellow Battle Rapper 3PFD in launching a new concept rap battle league in 2017. When asked about the new partnership, 3PFD stated, “I’m excited to work with Zach in our new concept battle league/ministry in 2017 and beyond. He’s a great rapper and friend that brings a lot to the table, and I’m excited for what is next for us.”

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