Grooving in Darkness with Techno producer Michael Lambart

Lavatory Records

Welcome to Bremen, a town in Germany which is known for its musicality. Thanks mainly to he fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm called “The Town Musicians of Bremen”. Unlike the story book where the main characters were actually not from Bremen (and never made it to Bremen). Our feature this week is a town musician named Michael Lambart who happens to hail from Bremen.

Michael Lambart is a techno music producer from Bremen. Known as one of the pioneers of the “Dark Techno” sound, Michael also heads up the label Northbeatz Digital.

Since techno music is regarded as a niche genre, the multi-talented Michael recently delved in DJing in order to further this movement through the Darkgroove audio mix series. We, at Lavatory Records, had a moment with Michael and discussed his tenured but rather low-key career, which started in the 1990’s.

As another point of comparison to the story by the Brothers Grimm of the musicians who were past their peak, we quizzed Michael on the longevity and commercial viability of techno music. Is it all “doom and gloom” and rather “grim” reading for Techno music? It is over to the “Dark Tech Town Musician of Bremen” to gives us the answer.

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: For those that may not know you, who is Michael Lambart?

Michael Lambart: I am from Bremen, Germany – a wet cold town – however, a great and nice place that can be molded perfectly into a conducive dark techno product! I have been producing techno music since the 90’s under my own name and under many other projects (e.g. Paranormal, Harrisburg, GEN2.7 and more). Since a few months ago, I have tried my hand in making groovy dark DJ mixes. I will not say I am a DJ, but I am at the beginning stages of that path! However, my focus is definitely to get working in my little dark studio, with some crank frequencies and bad noises.

LR: How did you get into music?

ML: During my childhood, I was first introduced to Jean Michel Jarre. I was fascinated by the strange hypnotic sounds and rhythms. This fascination of mixing in the sounds of DAF and other first harder electronic pioneers in the 80s, was the beginning of my first steps in making electronic music.

LR: Why the focus on techno? How did you grow in love with the sound?

ML: If you are fascinated by techno or electronic music at the first attempt, then it will never let you go. It is like a drug without any serious side effects. Techno music is straight, has no rules and doesn’t take much effort to produce. And techno is also a lifestyle rather than just a music genre. Techno is a pure energy that consumes you!

LR: Describe ‘Dark techno” to people who are not familiar with the sub-genre?

ML: Dark Techno is a term, no more no less! It is just a marketing thing. The music industry (which I am a part of with my labels, e.g. Northbeatz Digital) invents new draws with new terms every day. Techno is either cheerful, happy or gloomy. The gloomy part of techno I named dark techno. There many kinds of dark-techno – minimal dark techno, hard dark Techno and Detroit techno as examples. However, the gloomy mood connects them all.

Lavatory Records

LR: In your opinion, what lead to techno music falling out of the mainstream?

ML: I really don’t know, but I think techno is too hypnotic, too hard and too far away from normal listening habits (considering that there’s no human vocals and no silly love lyrics)!

LR: Where do you see techno music heading in the next 5 years?

ML: It will not change much. It is an eternal up and down where sometimes techno is more in and other times there is less of it! Nothing will change. But I am not a prophet. Maybe in 5 years no one will listen to techno anymore, maybe Eminem will be right then 🙂

LR: Tell us about your experiences of the music industry thus far?

ML: My experience is within the underground industry. I think the parts of the underground industry is more collegial and not so focused on pitted rivalries like the rest of the music industry. Techno as an underground movement is more like a family thing.

Lavatory Records

LR: Who are your favourite artists across time?

ML: I like all the artists and remixers on my own labels so much. I have made a remix for Young Bad Twins (Subwoofer) – I happen to also like the original track so much. I love most of this great project. I like Andreas Kreamer and most of the artists and the tracks off his labels. There are just too many artists whom I like.

LR: Which artists around the globe would you like to collaborate with?

ML: I don’t know. I’m open for all, but I am more like a lone wolf with my numerous projects.

LR: Any events/ projects you are working on that you want people to know about?

ML: I’m constantly working for my own labels (Northbeatz Digital, Wintermute Rhythm, and so much more). We have new releases every week. I’m currently planning and working on some projects for a January/ February 2017 release.

LR: Apart from the music, what is Michael Lambart like as a person?

ML: There is something else besides techno music?! I must google first, please give me a moment… 🙂

Lavatory Records

LR: Any people you want to shout out?

ML: Great! Thanks to all true techno-people who have been liking, playing and buying my music for all these years! Also a big special thanks to all artists who have released music through all my labels. 🙂

We would love to thank Mr Michael Lambart for sharing his story with us. To keep up with his moves you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

You can also follow Northbeatz Digital label on Facebook and on Twitter.


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