A Moment To Remember In THE MAJOR!

Lavatory Records

As the saying goes: cometh the man, cometh the moment! A new artist we have come to know ‘The Major’ like all seasoned musicians has created a moment for music lovers to savour, he backs the new single with a massive campaign to inspire people to value themselves and challenge problems that affect the world.

Music always reminds us of certain moments we attach to particular songs – best encapsulating the emotions surrounding the experience. Simply put, we do not just play back music, we play back memories as to derive pleasure from it…

The Major, whose birth name is Peter Khanda is no stranger to the music business, he is a well-established sound engineer. Going from behind the scenes to the front of the stage is a major step (pun intended lol) as it requires a bold personality and tenacious ambition!

We caught up with The Major and chopped it up about his new artistic ambitions, the meaning behind the new name and, of course, his latest  hot single Moment To Remember!

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: Many people have come to know you as a highly regarded sound engineer in the South African music industry; but who is The Major?

The Major: The Major is somebody that doesn’t have a limit. Always striving to be the best version of himself. I’m all about striving to be better and doing things that challenge my thinking. I apply this approach to the music I make. I always ask myself how can I be better and I learn from other people as well.

LR: How did you come up with the alias “The Major”, tell us the story behind that?

TM: The Major is a name I gave myself. I like this name because I feel it describes who I am as a person and the type of music I make. I’m The Major! (lol)

LR: Is music composition something you’ve always wanted to do, or is it a recent development?

TM: Music composition is something I’ve always had a passion for. I’ve always been composing music, I never stopped. Composing music introduced me to other fields of the audio industry. I’ve been composing music for 14 years. It’s only now I feel the world needs to hear my sound and I’m ready.

Lavatory Records

LR: How would you classify your style of music and overall sound?

TM: (lol)…This is one question I never know how to answer because I kind of feel like it boxes me in. I’m inspired by different things and I’m always trying to combine sounds and styles of all sorts, so I’m going to let people tell me what genre they think my music is.

LR: You have a new single titled ‘Moment To Remember’, what is the song about?

TM: Moment To Remember is about appreciating every moment because EVERY MOMENT IS A MOMENT TO REMEMBER. We have a campaign to go along with the song called #MomentToRememberSA. We are getting people to share their special “moments to remember”. It’s about Self-Value.

LR: Who have you worked with so far on your music and other artists’ projects?

TM: Recently I worked with Tamara Dey (@TamaraDey) on her new single titled ‘Stuck In Our Way’ Ft DBanj (@iamdbanj). I got to meet up with some awesome people along the way and made some awesome music. Me & Capso (@CapsoWorld) are still in studio pioneering a futuristic sound that’s going to have you #FeelinAlright. StarBorne (@Starborne_) and I are about to shake the industry in a second! #MomentTORememberSA

LR: We know you have worked with a number of prolific individuals in the industry behind the scenes and particularly in post-production. Which of those artists would you most like to collaborate with on a track?

TM: I would seriously love to collaborate with legendary mama Faith Kekana, Papa Caiphus Semenya, Zola, my list can go on forever but those are the tops on my list right now.

Lavatory Records

LR: Are there any future projects or appearances that you will be making that you’d like to give us the heads up on?  

TM: The future project I want to give a heads up on is the ‘Moment To Remember Campaign’. Every Moment Is A Moment To Remember! I encourage everyone to be a part of the hashtag #MomentTORememberSA. Share your moment to remember. #MomentTORememberSA and be a part of something great.

LR: Since the last interview we had with you, what would you say has been the biggest change in your life?

TM:The biggest change in my life is me having the courage to release a single, I’ve been composing beats for a very long time and now is the time for me to come out.

LR: Any shout outs you wanna drop?

TM: Shouts to @iMi_MusicGroup and the whole team. We are crafting something special and different here. @StarBorne_ we doing the right thing. Every Moment Is A Moment To Remember *‘singing*’.

Lavatory Records

A big thank you to The Major for sharing this major move and incredible new single exclusively with Lavatory Records. Every Moment Is A Moment To Remember and this is truly a moment to remember! Follow The Major on TwitterInstagram and check him out on Facebook

Don’t forget to check out the new single Moment To Remember and the campaign videos in part one and part two


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