Denzyl’s If I Ain’t Got You (press release & official music video)

Lavatory Records

The month of February is usually associated with romanticism and everything love related – the month for couples no doubt! Other forms of love tend to fall by the wayside during this month. However, through this fundamental start of relationships can stem the promotion of healthy dynamics as love in general spearheads change in the world; with acceptance of all and the embracing of diversity.

If I Ain’t Got You is the third single from Denzyl’s album titled the Denzyl EP. This track focuses primarily on romantic love.

These aspects of love are very integral to Denzyl’s mission as an artist who has had to learn self-love first, as a person a living with a disability. Having to accept what one cannot change, gives one the fortitude and discipline to accept what they can’t control – such as another person in the name of love. Love then matures and grows to become unconditional, which would be the ultimate tool in changing the world.

Although this is the third single by Denzyl, it marks his first official music video, which was released on Tuesday the 7th of February. The song seeks to follow the same path as Hate You Love You which was playlisted on Tshwane FM. His debut single titled Look Up, was playlisted across various radio stations such as RmR, Ubuthebe FM, Vibe FM, Siyathuthuka FM, All Time Radio and Mix 98.3. This single went on to claim the number three (3) spot on the Zone Radio charts.

Denzyl is a Durban-born singer who grew up in a musical family, and was introduced to music at the tender age of five. He subsequently learnt to play the guitar in primary school and has also played in his church’s band. Denzyl describes himself as a humble, open-minded and a highly fashionable person. His extremely sociable nature has led him to start an NPO called the Disabled Peoples Foundation, which offers help and encouragement to people with disabilities to live better lives.


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