A year in the crowning of KING//HER!

Lavatory Records

KING//HER is no stranger to this platform. Avid followers of Lavatory Records are well-accustomed to the growth of DJ KING//HER, initially from her Slayed Selection Mixes. KING//HER’s Slayed selections were inspired by a medieval type “slaying”, reminiscent of another king named Arthur on Slayed Selections (on the turntables rather than the round table). She has since undergone a musical reinvention and has delved into a more futuristic and spacey sound on X-Files. Not only that, but this multi-dimensional DJ has been a feature at numerous events and has also had some commercial appearances.

Much like a game of chess a king can only take one step at a time, whereas a queen is free to roam the entire grid in any direction. For KING//HER (who encompasses both traits), she was able to make gigantic career strides within a short space of a year. What would be the secret to her early success? We got a chance to chop it up with her and get the answers straight from the lady herself!

The bubbly mother of one, DJ and so much more opened up to us about her career gains, the new Slayed Selections, X-Files, the KING//HER store, her music and a number of things.


Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: You are a friend of Lavatory Records. However, please introduce KING//HER to those who aren’t familiar with you?

KING//HER: KING//HER is a Techno, Tech House and Trap DJ/Producer, signed under Lavatory Records in terms of music production. KING//HER is also a brand, culture and movement.

LR: We last had a chat with you about a year ago. What have you been up to since?

K/H: Wow!!! The year went by so fast! I have released various Slayed Selection Mixes on Mixcloud, which will now be converted to a K/H Slayed Selections Podcast, and will feature various artists and producers in the music industry. I also launched K/H X-Files which chart every week on the Mixcloud platform as well. Both Slayed Selections and X-Files are playing in 16 gyms nationwide (South Africa). A huge S/O to them! I nailed my set at News Cafe in Newtown, loved the crowd there.

My first single where I’m rapping (lol), is dropping soon. This single is a collaboration with Eighty Eight Music based in France and TnT Productions based in South Africa. I am in the process of producing my first album which is a joint collaboration with artists and cinematographers. This album will be launching in the next couple of months, I will reveal more details soon. I’m also on tour in Zimbabwe and I have played in various clubs, events and festivals such as Pabloz VIP Club, Latin Friday at Utano Restaurant, Motor Sports Club, Club Afrik and the Hustlers Market at Moto Republik. While touring in Zimbabwe I also worked together with fashion designers and photographers and we are working on multiple design and photography projects that will be released this year. Lastly KING//HER is launching a KING//HER STORE, this store will have merchandise by KING//HER as well as co-designed merchandise.

Lavatory Records

LR: Have there been any changes from where KING//HER was last year and now? If so, what are those changes?

K/H: Yes definitely there have been changes, my fan base has increased and I couldn’t be happier taking on this journey with them as we grow together through the love of music. I’m much more confident in my style of DJing and enjoy introducing a new sound to individuals that haven’t really experienced the Tech side of music. I represented a South African Vodka Brand which was pretty exciting. K/H X-Files charted number 5 out of 100 on Mixcloud which was the highlight of the year.

Lavatory Records

LR: You came onto the scene as a Techno & Tech-House DJ, but have now incorporated Trap music into your sound. Why did you modify your sound and what does that mean for your old Minimal-Tech category?

K/H: In terms of Minimal-tech I will still play the genre; I love the ambience it gives. The reason I modified my sound is because I enjoy playing and producing Trap music. Hence the “Triple T’s”  – all a part of the KING//HER journey in terms of sharing music and developing the KING//HER brand. I feel as a producer and a DJ that one should not restrict themselves from playing what they feel. I highly feel that music expresses who you are as an individual and if Trap is the new sound that has been introduced to the brand, it’s a sign of growth and new developments.

LR: You chose to wrap up Season One of your Slayed Selections audio mixes. What inspired the launch of the X-Files to replace Slayed Selections as an audio mix series; and what is it about conceptually?

K/H: Slayed Selections has not ended but has been modified to a podcast that will feature various Producers and DJs, whereas X-Files was born to incorporate the Electronica Sound. X-Files initially was created for me to experiment with different genres, it had no genre limitations. As X-Files began to chart, I decided to continue with the series. This year, X-Files will reveal its potential in terms of features and charts.

LR: What can we expect from the new ‘Slayed Selections Season Two: The Journey’ and when will that be availed to the public?

K/H: ‘Slayed Selections Season Two: The Journey’ will have killer content, such as podcast features of international Producers, DJs, mixes and KING//HER Fan Club content! Slayed Selections Podcast will release its first episode in April.

LR: You have been playing at quite a number of gigs in Harare, Zimbabwe. What has that experience been like?

K/H: The experience has been a learning curve for me. I have seen new techniques in terms of mixing certain genres like Dancehall and Ragga. The Zimbabwean crowd has a huge Dancehall and Ragga following, making it difficult for a Tech DJ to pave into. The amazing part is because I have something different to offer the crowd is willing to embrace the new sound which has been amazing!

Lavatory Records



LR: Tell us more about the KING//HER store?

K/H: The KING//HER STORE is a merchandising company under the KING//HER brand. This store will have products designed by KING//HER and co-designed items as well that will be featured on the platform. Watch this space!

Lavatory Records

LR: Do you have any people out there you would like to shout out?

K/H: Always!!! S/O to the Lavatory Team, firstly, for all the KING//HER content. Working with Lavatory Records is an absolute pleasure and this year we are making big things happen. To Crispy T, you are the best manager that any artist can have. My brother TRE DAY for always having my back no matter what, and my SQUAD William, Robyn and Jordan for supporting me here in Zimbabwe we are a family.

Lavatory Records

Always a pleasure to speak to KING//HER! Keep track of her moves on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mixcloud, SoundCloud and Snapchat (@officialkingher)


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