Crispy T goes island style on Crispy cuts mix tape: Tropical Hip Hop

Lavatory Records

Crispy T has made another exclusive in the form of the Crispy cuts mixtape: Tropical Hip Hop. This is a mix comprised of tropical, Latin and Caribbean  inspired hip hop jams – which some of you may recognise from the 90’s and 2000’s era.

This project is available on Mixcloud and Audiomack .


KING//HER dedicates X-Files Episode 29 to the memory of her beloved late friend Robyn-Ann Culverwell

Lavatory Records

KING//HER has dedicated the very special episode 29 of the X-Files to the recently departed: Robyn-Ann Culverwell.

This special episode is available on Mixcloud, Audiomack (free download) and Fanburst (free download).

KING//HER wrote had this to say on her via Facebook page regarding her late friend upon releasing this mix:

” Eyes filled with tears while I made this mix. Not because I was exhausted from lack of sleep, but from crying. I told myself to stop and stay strong because thats not what you would have wanted me to do. I was angry at first because I felt it wasn’t fair that you left me without saying goodbye and the last time I saw you we took a selfie, not knowing that it was our last moment spent together. I told you I would never leave you and we swore to never leave eachother’s side. You told me that we would grow old together. I hugged you and told you that you were my best friend and my beautiful sister. You blushed and blinked your pretty green eyes. All I have are your memories left. My heart hurts, I wasn’t ready for you to leave me. I wish I could bring you back so badly but I guess you served your purpose here on earth. You taught me that being brave is the foundation of being strong, to be confident and I could be anything, that time is precious and how to be the best that I can be. I wouldn’t have the King strength if it wasn’t for you. you’re a beautiful soul Robyn and you will forever be in the stars.I miss you my sister. Until we meet again, I LOVE YOU!” 

Presenting the proficient Promics!


Promics is a rapper and producer who hails from Zimbabwe. Despite his low-key status this rapper embraces being an emcee as a profession, thus donning the prefix “Pro” on his alias. For this rapper, it is music first – just like Canadian rapper/producer Classified says on his song No Mistakes – “I’m only here for rhymes, building beats, killing tracks and that’s that…”! Just like his Canadian counterpart, Promics came into the game with the same statement of intent. He has recently collaborated with fellow native reggae singer and label mate AMAZE on Ndokuda (with music video). He also released a solo single entitled Tatenda Taibuwhere both songs are available for free download.

We are happy to introduce you to the PROlific and PROmising PROspect: the one and only Promics!

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KING//HER is back at Evolution: Ballers & High Rollers (About The Money) event this Saturday!

Lavatory Records

KING//HER who was missing in action at Evolution will be back for the Ballers & High Rollers: About The Money event. This event on Saturday the 23rd of September features DJ Lindsay-The-Dude, Courtney D, Jaybone and DJ Shezz on the decks as well.

If you want to make you way down to the event and are in Harare, Zimbabwe – make your down to Hellas in Eastlea. The event starts at 8PM and entry is free. There’s a special which consists of free shots for the first ladies to enter the venue. #KingHerSlayed

KING//HER to be on Capitalk 100.4 FM (Harare) with Live Radio Episode 2 mix


The ever lovely residential DJ on the LR platform KING//HER is soon going to be on a show on Capitalk 100.4 FM (see their website),  we will give more details about the show as soon as we receive them.

KING//HER will have her live radio mix up tonight, in a themed Progressive House vs Alternative set.  This is episode 2 – after the trialed Episode 1 was a success from last week.

Congratulations to the young lady who has had a meteoric since we first featured her and broke her story to you all. Keep your eyes on our website for further updates on KING//HER. #KingHerSlayed



“Untouchable” music video by Chron Burgundy

Lavatory Records

Johannesburg rapper Chron Burgundy is back with his latest single, in the form of a music video entitled Untouchable.

Untouchable contains a sample from the late Hip Hop great: Notorious BIG! This is the first single off Chron’s forthcoming EP entitled “Legend of the Lost legend”  which was wholly produced by Kokaina.

To get further updates of the forthcoming EP and other Chron Burgundy related information, then check out his official website.


Crispy T drops another exclusive mix – Magic MIXtape: Face The Future of Alberton

Lavatory Records

Crispy T has released his next exclusive mix after the Crispy cuts mixtape: Retro Tre , which had reached number 90 on the Mixcloud charts. This one is called Magic MIXtape: Face The Future of Alberton which is a Future Bass set and available on Mixcloud and Audiomack(free download).

He had had this to say to us regarding the new experimental project:

I just wanted to bring a new sound to my hood…ALBERTON!! There’s a lot hanging on this.. King of the ALB title perhaps? Who knows.. just want to see if this is a hit or miss like I did with Tropical House on Crispy’s Caribbean Cruise.  THIS COULD BE THE FUTURE! Shout out to my squad – Tre and KING//HER!! – Crispy T

We wait to see what comes next from the ever evolving Crispy T!