Presenting the proficient Promics!


Promics is a rapper and producer who hails from Zimbabwe. Despite his low-key status this rapper embraces being an emcee as a profession, thus donning the prefix “Pro” on his alias. For this rapper, it is music first – just like Canadian rapper/producer Classified says on his song No Mistakes – “I’m only here for rhymes, building beats, killing tracks and that’s that…”! Just like his Canadian counterpart, Promics came into the game with the same statement of intent. He has recently collaborated with fellow native reggae singer and label mate AMAZE on Ndokuda (with music video). He also released a solo single entitled Tatenda Taibuwhere both songs are available for free download.

We are happy to introduce you to the PROlific and PROmising PROspect: the one and only Promics!

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: Who’s Promics and what’s the meaning behind the name?

 Promics: My real name is Bonny Goredema professionally known as Promics.  I am one of the most influential figures in my home town Chitungwiza. The name Promics simply means PROffesional MICrophone Slayer.

LR: What made you pursue music and how did you get started in the game?

Promics: I believe for me it was a calling because I vividly recall at a tender age I  only enjoyed watching TV when music programmes were on air; and at 10yrs I was already jamming some DMX tunes although I didn’t really get some of the stuff he was spitting I just enjoyed the vibe lol…

LR: Who are your favourite artists?

Promics: DMX, Kendrick Lamar, Nasty C, Nas and AKA.

LR: From the list of favourites you’ve mentioned, how would you say they influenced your style of music and craft in general?

Promics: Well they all played a part in shaping my craft especially on the writing part because all of these artists are pretty deep when they scribble down bars.

LR: The song “God Over Everything” is quite a substantial title. What’s it all about?   

Promics: It is a religious track it’s all about how people must put the creator first in all that we do in life. I wrote the song at a time when I wanted to quit music because to be frank the business side of things has been unbearable, but that song revived my career.

LR: The track “Mad In Love”, was it about anyone special and would you like to tell us about it?

Promics: Hahaha… Yes, I dedicated it to this other beautiful lady who is actually my vixen on the video.

LR: Which artists would you most like to collaborate with and why?

Promics: Nasty C because I think he is one of the few left with real content and relevance in the industry.

LR: What’s your experience been like as an artist trying to make it in Zimbabwe?

Promics: It has been hell on earth to be frank with you because in Zimbabwe hip-hop is not really appreciated in the market. It’s only recently that it has been gradually getting some recognition from the cooperate world.

LR: Any forthcoming projects or special events you’d like the masses to know about?

Promics: Oh yes! I have my debut album dropping this year and it is titled No Limits. The exact release date is not yet set.

Lavatory Records

LR: What do you get up to in your personal time away from music?

Promics: I work at a Proskan Multimedia as a chief editor and I’m also a professional photographer.

LR: Do you have any special shout outs you wanna send out?

Promics: Amaze, Bluejay, Melcy and Victor Chatyk (Victor Music International)

We would like to thank Promics for dropping by in the building! Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube.


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