Inspired by Da T.R.U.T.H.’s “Color Purple” – 3PFD releases “Violets” as a call for Unity (Press Release)

Lavatory Records

October 2017 (Pittsburgh, PA) – In 2016, Da T.R.U.T.H. released a song “Color Purple” on his album “It’s Complicated” which called for unity among reformed and charismatic Christians and those in Christian Hip-Hop.  This release inspired Pittsburgh rapper 3PFD to write “Violets”, echoing this call for unity among the Body of Christ.

When 3PFD started writing this song he did not know what would transpire and how much it would be needed.  After seeing contention and tracks thrown back and forth between top CHH artists, racial unrest in Charlottesville and other parts of the country, the mass murders in Las Vegas, and natural disasters of all types, it’s clear that there’s a need for love and unity in the Body of Christ right now.

John 13:34-35 sums up the heart behind Violets.  In these verses Jesus said, “I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, so you too are to love one another.  By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love and have unselfish concern for one another. (John 13:34-35 AMP)

When talking about the purpose of this song, 3PFD said, “I hope that this song helps all followers of Christ see that there are essentials that we agree on, and we are able to come together based on that and make a difference.  This world is hurting, and it needs hope.  Jesus is that hope, and he works through his church, so we need to let that hope shine.”

You can check out Violets on the following outlets:

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YouTube (lyric video)


In addition to Violets, Stellar Fusion Entertainment is looking to grow and achieve many lofty goals over the next year.  You can learn more and partner with them on their Go Fund Me profile.

Look out for more music from 3PFD coming over the next few months, and subscribe to the 3PFD Mailing List to keep up to date with all things 3PFD.

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