Update on rapper Tre and his wife’s accident on their way back from their honeymoon

Pretoria (30/12/2017) – As promised from the initial report of the accident that took place on the afternoon of Friday the 29th of December, we will have more details of the accident in which left rapper Tre and his pregnant wife (Jolien Harrison) having their vehicle overturned.

Lavatory Records

While travelling back from their honeymoon from Sun City, Tre heard what he described as “weird sounds” coming from his vehicle which lead to him lose control of the car. Fortunately after getting medical check ups at Life Peglerae Hospital in Rustenburg, Tre came back home to Pretoria with minor scratches. As for his wife Jolien – she is still at the medical facility after having their unborn baby scanned for any injuries, fortunately both mom and baby are also clear of having sustained any injuries.


Another disturbing fact was that handling of the case by the Rustenburg police who had apparently not issued an Accident Report number for this particular accident. There were incidents of police harassment were officers were apparently pushing for bribe money and had even relieved Tre of his driver’s license for no apparent reason.

Tre and family  will be travelling back to see his wife during the course of the day, as to collect her (and their unborn baby) from the hospital in Rustenburg. To know more about Tre, check out his website.



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