Ghanian musician Angel is finding his wings through music…

Lavatory Records

Somewhere in the city of Accra, hails an “angel” of music. Not your typical angel – dressed in all white – but a young talented musician; whose dress sense is rather colourful on the contrary. Angel’s fashion sense is actually in sync with his style of music.

We had the opportunity to converse with the young muso, who’s currently a college student about his beginnings in music, his life and what music fans can expect from him.

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: Who is Angel and why go by that name?

Angel: My real name is Emmanuel Asare, I am 22 years old. I’m also the second-eldest of 4 children and my stage name is Angel.  I got this name from the junior high school I attended, which is called Angel Educational Complex. When I was in senior high school I was the entertainment prefect and my peers used to call me ‘the guy who is from angel’. So, everyone started calling me Angel. I love being called Angel because I am kind; I love people and care about them.

LR:  Why pursue a career in music?

Angel: I’ve always loved music since I was a kid. My dad bought Michael Jackson CDs and DVDs and I would watch his videos and try to rehearse his moves. I love to sing and I want to carry messages that will help people to focus on better days ahead, rather than every day stress.

LR: How would you classify your sound?

Angel: My sound is mostly pop, RnB and little bit of rap.

LR: Who are your favourite artists?

Angel: My favorite artists are Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Chris brown and Usher etc.

LR: Name top three producers you’d like to work with and why?

Angel: Killabeatz, Kinglo Beats and Antonie. They are not that famous and are all based in the U.S.

LR: What is the music industry in Ghana like? Is it easy to break into and is it sustainable?

Angel: The music industry in Ghana is quite encouraging. Although the people here seem to enjoy songs that are in our local languages more than foreign languages. However, it’s not so easy to break into the industry.

LR: What would you consider as your biggest accomplishments so far?

Angel: There isn’t anything specific that I can pin-point yet, but I am willing to work hard so I can make great strides this year.

LR: Are you working on any studio projects at the moment?

Angel: As my project is on hold, I’m a bit more focused on studies.

LR: What are your other interests away from music?

Angel: I write songs, movie scripts and do a little bit of dancing.

LR: Are there any people out there you want to shout out?

Angel: Shout out to all artists all over the world and my family and all my friends who believe in me.

Lavatory Records

We would like to thank Angel for taking time out and speaking with us. To follow his moves, you can find him on Facebook and Soundcloud.


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