Another TnT Show co-host is involved in a car accident!

Lavatory Records

Over the past two months car accidents have been a recurring theme for the TnT Show! First it was Tre with the accident which happened at the end of December 2017, then a little over a month’s time later a similar fate was experienced by the Alberton based producer; Crispy T .

On the night of Saturday the third of February – the man affectionately known as “Crispy Cream” and the “Crispy bastard”, was travelling back from the TnT Corporation studios on the N1 South. The accident happened after he was passing the Both Avenue off ramp in Centurion (Pretoria), where he felt his cars slip on the slick surface and starting spinning towards the right handle from the middle lane eventually hitting the concrete barrier. Fortunately he wasn’t travelling fast and he came out fine. His car unfortunately had incurred some significant damage after rebounding twice off the barrier, on the tail side and front side of his vehicle. No other vehicles or person was harmed as a result of this accident.

He was immediately cleared at the scene my an Emergency Medical Technician – from there he was told to start the car and move his vehicle. He then later parked his vehicle at the nearby N1 South Shell Ultra City in Centurion, where it was towed the next morning. It is all but been confirmed that the vehicle will be a write off, but thank goodness he walked away unscathed.

Lavatory Records


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