Mexico by FDL featuring Tre (Produced by Hoodinie)

Lavatory Records

“Started from the bottom..” the utilised opener for this collaboration by FDL with his featured guest, fellow Cap City (Pretoria) native Tre on their respective stanzas. In the upper most parts of the world such as North America, at the furthest southern part of it is a country is known for its “wild, hot and zany” side. When you start from the bottom, it tends to be a wild ride when trying to climb into the game (think galloping cowboys going gun crazy and riding on horseback).

The track  is laced with a lazy beat produced by Hoodinie, that reminds you of native Mexicans who nap away under a cactus shade with their stereotypical sombrero and poncho. A lot like the Mexican setting based video game called Total Overdose, FDL and Tre go bar “shootout” crazy on the instrumental, with slow down effects (in vintage Quentin Tarantino style) at certain parts. On this song FDL once again showcases that while his name may mean “Federal Above the law”  – his artistry always maintains it’s limitless expressions.

FDL who is a rapper/songwriter from Soshanguve, Pretoria is a member of a group called Sky[Hi]Fed. He is an artist who is well tenured and has a number of potential hits on the way. Mexico is taken from FDL’s solo project called ‘Out of Sosha” and is available for free download on Slikour Online and available also on Spotify!


Don’t forget to check out Tre’s website!


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