An enlightened ImproPoe is now “better than he was” in 2018

Lavatory Records


Who can forget rapper ImproPoe’s bold declaration on who the best emcee was? Of course, his answer was HIMSELF! He made this statement three years ago following the release of his mixtape Body of Proof,which ultimately earned him some rather impressive levels of acclaim. On this project, the rapper who is part of Revivolution had embarked on proving a point to announce his arrival.

Since then the man with more aliases than the entire Wu Tang Clan, ironically went off on a mystical journey to the Far East and landed up in China where he currently resides. By adopting the industriousness of his new host country, he then worked on another solo project which was released a few weeks ago titled Certain Dillusions. The curiosity will always come about when one impresses on debut, as questions arise like what can hip hop fans from him expect now? It can also be rather difficult to try and beat a previous body of work with minimal flaws.

We are excited that ImproPoe aka Shaun Collins aka The White Shadow aka James Caviar, has finally dropped his sophomore project and would not miss the opportunity to catch up with him.

Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: What have you been up to since the last time we spoke to you?

ImproPoe:  Ah you know this is and that… Being that rap is only a hobby and not a fulltime job. I’ve been earning money, taking breaks from earning money, growing as a person and obviously working on both my tape and doing various features… Oh and also been on the move with the crew until my move…

LR: On the last interview you made a bold statement about who the best emcee(s) was/ were, do you still stand by it?

ImproPoe: Ha-ha ey man I was younger back then… I think I’d like to change that statement from I am the best to I will try to always be better than I was… its more befitting!

LR: The Body of Proof album did well, were you surprised by the feedback you got?

ImproPoe: Okay I don’t know what the criteria for naming your best music compilations are but as far as I’m concerned, I have yet to release an album! For me these are still just mixtapes… only a little money goes into their production, they aren’t heavily promoted and I don’t really sell them. So to answer your question, I would say I was very surprised about the reaction… to be honest I still am! The thing that surprised me most was not the number of compliments but their intensity and how people would treat me in public. People really showed the upmost respect and it’s been three years since the release! Not only do I still get people saying it is still top notch, I still haven’t gotten a single bad review concerning BOP and that says a lot!

LR: You are currently residing in China, how are you enjoying life over there?

ImproPoe: China is different man but honestly, I prefer not to talk about my personal activities and life outside of my music, as I like to keep the two separate so I’ll just keep it as vague as possible! China has its good and bad points like everything else in life but it’s treated me particularly well… That’s all I will say about that!

LR: How has the move affected the working dynamics with you and Revivolution?

ImproPoe: Well in terms of music it’s easy to send thru the work because we live in the digital age but I obviously can’t be there to perform live so that has an effect.

LR: There were rumours that hip hop was being banned in China. How true is this and how influential is hip hop in China?

ImproPoe: Ay haha too many questions about China fam, I’d really prefer if people did their own research when it comes to China and hip hop! Also, I’m not one of those hip hop is my life kinda guys. So I mean I’ll drop tapes but I’m not here representing South African hip hop or whatever! I couldn’t care less about politics regarding anything including hip hop itself…

Lavatory Records

LR: For the benefit of those who haven’t heard Certain Dillusions, what can they expect to hear from this project?

ImproPoe: Growth mah n****! One thing I felt about the previous tape was that I needed more hard-hitting punches if I was to increase my skill level so I worked on that!  I like that some people think the music is good, but I still feel as if most people don’t understand what I’m saying. What I made is “feel good” music for people who appreciate lyricism and instrumentals from an era where this art was still respected. It’s not “strictly for the heads” though because I wouldn’t want to limit myself in that way.

LR: Apart from the new release, is there anything else we should look out for from you?

ImproPoe: Not that I know of and NOT NOW! I have work to do bro… We all do!

LR: Anybody you wanna shout out?

ImproPoe: “Don’t have to call the whole crowd out / just a few chumps, and you know who you are like a shout out… “ – MF DOOM

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