Mixing it up with our very own “SABC” DJ Ceddy

Lavatory Records

Our guest this week is locally based DJ Ceddy, who has been on the scene for a while as a journeyman who is an IT professional during the day and dons his DJing headphones during his free time. The entertainer DJ Ceddy (not to take a swipe at the comedian Cedric the Entertainer) is a colourful individual who caters for diverse crowds who enjoyed music in general. A contrast of the man’s personalities is thus created pretty much like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

We were able to have a great sit down with our Asian brother and asked about him his experiences thus far. He opened up to us about his style and sound, the other meaning of the abbreviation SABC, the shocking sudden departure of Avicii and many other things. He is quite the character despite his mild-mannered appearance.



Lavatory Records

Lavatory Records: Who’s DJ Ceddy? How is your DJ persona different from you as a person?

DJ Ceddy: DJ Ceddy is the emotionally inspired dance energy inside a person. He brings the “happy” out of a person to feel in his music and mix tapes, although the world has it bad days and nights!!

I am a full-time support analyst by day and part time DJ by night.  I was born as a SABC (South African Born Chinese), and I have a unique taste in music.  It is the universal language to talks to me and other fellow musicians. No language barriers are involved, just dance and music.

Cedric is a very serious person, where, when the DJ Ceddy persona kicks in, he is more fun. He is in a more relaxed state and has the creative freedom to do what he wants on his musical “canvas”.

Lavatory Records

LR: When and how did your interest in DJing come about? 

DJ Ceddy: In 2013, I was at Musica Rosebank looking through CDS on what to buy and listen to as usual. Here, I came across my first deck controller on the shelf to buy. It looked so awe inspiring and I decided to buy it right on the spot. I said hey, since I listen to music for so many hours, how about taking it to the next level. I would mash up 2 of my favourite songs and see how it sounds.

During the same year, I took a visit to Ibiza Spain via a Contiki tour. This was the place to be where all the big DJs played. It was like a playground for me and I felt like a kid again. The people atmosphere created here caused me to ignite my inner party spark and dig deeper into my musical tastes and play it out loud!

I started doing music production when I was in primary school with a program called Rebirth by a company called Steinberg. School holidays were always fun when doing this with a friend of mine.

LR: Who were your favourite artists while growing up?

DJ Ceddy: My favourite artists comprised of Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Johnny Clegg, Arthur Mafokate, Brenda Fassie, David Guetta, Lionel Ritchie, Vanilla Ice, Mc Hammer, 2 Unlimited, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, High and Mighty Color, Foo Fighters, Sum 41, Eminem, Yellow Card, Blink 182, DJ Sammy, Mauro Picotto, ATB, Akon, Fatboy Slim, Snoop Dog, Venga Boys, Paul Van Dyk, Lenny Kravitz, Eros Ramazotti, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, Neyo, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, Modern Talking, Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia. So many more to list, but this is what I could think of for now for this interview.

LR: Do you have a signature or favourite sound/genre that you play? What would that be?

DJ Ceddy: I generally play dance/house/trance/hip hop/rock/dubstep/trap and chill music. I try to mash up these sounds into certain time pockets when I play a set. I don’t play too much of a certain genre for a period of time.

I do tend to play the dance, house and chill tracks more often as that is my personal favourite, as I get to do my 2-step dance when playing these genres.

LR: What’s your experience been like as a DJ in South Africa?

DJ Ceddy: South Africa is a big melting pot of different cultures and allows you to play a big musical range in your sets as a DJ. There is no narrow-minded experience and your creative world is your oyster to work with. There are cases, where the venue/client states you must play a certain sound, but I can understand that, as it depends on your scenario/situation and the environment context you are involved in. Being a DJ, we can always make plans in advance to accommodate the situation.

I myself, am a seasonal wedding DJ and this normally caters for all ages and cultures. It is harder than a club DJ, but it is a challenge and a lot of fun to keep the wedding couple client happy as well as their family and friends.  House parties are more casual and relaxed and the crowd is more flexible to work with. Although there will always be people who tend to be haters and then you have lovers of your taste in music. But the overall result is what counts, in that everyone had a good time at the end of the day/night!

LR: If you had to organise a tour, which artists would you take with and why?

DJ Ceddy: Realistically, if the time and space was available, I would take my friend Kevin L, since he is quite well conversed with midi controllers and sample pack setups. This would complement my DJ sets. Then I would take my friend who is setting up this interview actually. That is, Crispy T meister, who has awesome rapping vocal talent. He did a track with me a few years back, and he will bring the good live element to a set as well! We kind of feed off each other.

LR: Can we expect any original compositions from you in the future?

DJ Ceddy: Yes, I have created 2 original tracks last year in 2017. One is of electronic house type and the other is a first hip hop style for me. For the electronic type, I am busy coming up with ideas and I got mid way creating it. I am busy building it in stages. For the hip hop type, I am waiting for 2 vocalists to write their own lyrics and then to record their vocals via microphone.

Then I have a third track to complete in 2018 which I have started and will finish soon. It is also hip-hop style and it comes from a friend of mine that was in SA and has emigrated to Dubai. She has written the lyrics already and I have produced the track in the past 2 months. I am just doing some finishing touches to it (Playing with equalizing and mastering effects on the track).

We want to make 2 more songs in 2018 as the lyrics are already written this year. Both of us are excited to get there soon.

LR: Do you have any upcoming gigs or initiatives we should know about?

DJ Ceddy: Not at the moment, but more mix tapes of my own that I want to share with the world. I am taking all the tracks that I heard in my life, mixing it and sharing that on mixcloud website.

I have picked up a friend that is into photography and we chatted about maybe doing a gallery music slideshow kind of project. I have not started there yet though, but a live session one day is in the works. That sounds fun and differently interesting.

Lavatory Records

LR: Apart from music what do you do in your fun time?

DJ Ceddy: Gardening, feeding my 16 goldfish, watching movies and chatting about randomly fun interesting topics with friends and family. No politics please.

LR: Are there any special people out there you want to shout out?

Crispy T who organised this musical interview with mwa!, Avicii, my SoundCloud and Mixcloud friends/followers, and anyone who makes music from their heart! Also, to anyone who believes in the motto: “Life is music and music is life”!

We would like to thank DJ Ceddy for sharing his story with us. To keep up with him follow him on Mixcloud, his Facebook group and SoundCloud.


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