PurvGang are spring-flinging over “Mbali” on #PurvyFriday

PG - Mbali

The PurvGang have released Mbali this week for this week’s #PurvyFriday release. The track is produced by A-Producer!



Dr Boyce Watkins says “Don’t try to make money rapping, start a business instead”

Lavatory Records

Dr Boyce Watkins from Your Black World speaks with a young artist Jay Ortiz  about the importance of approaching the music industry with a business mindset. The focus of artists building stages instead of them looking to just jump on to a stage, was the main focus of discussion which was what Jay Ortiz managed to do.

When we started Lavatory Records, it was not just about starting a label, rather more about setting up artists as business people.

Watch this discussion on YouTube or  SoundCloud.