JahMaine releases the “Black” project!


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Soweto based emcee JahMaine released his new project called Black , which is available for free download and streaming on Audiomack and SoundCloud.

Also we will have JahMaine in for an interview in the next few weeks. Be on the lookout for that.



The mack returns for 2019 on Crispy T-Mack Attack episode 4!


Crispy T returns on this episode of Crispy T-Mack Attack Episode 4: Breakin’ 2 Mackin’ Up! The show  is available on Mixcloud for free streaming. This episode is all about closing old relationships to welcome in new cycles of relationships and love.

This show is brought to you courtesy of 012_TnT Radio!

Clarifying the economic lines between music and politics.

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When it comes to discussing socio-political issues, artists in general are usually the most expressive compared to most other professions. This includes musical artists, novelists and fiction writers, painters and sculptors etc. In the last music economy article we spoke about how economic recessions affect the music industry. The article described how politicians utilise the services of musicians when campaigning for elections. As frame of reference and to quote from that article, “In the USA – we have seen artists like Pusha T and Jay Z openly endorsing Hillary Clinton during the presidential elections of 2016. During the time when these prominent artists had tours, they would endorse Mrs Clinton on their social platforms, make special mentions of their favoured candidate during their stage performances and even disparaging the rival candidate. In the context of South Africa, the ruling ANC (African National Congress) party would hold national rallies at stadiums around the country and have a procured list of artists to perform there!”

The paragraph cited above has proven to be a point of contestation and caused some mixed opinions from some of our readers. Some felt that musicians endorsing a politician is one thing, however when an artist performs at an event (such as a presidential inauguration) that is another matter altogether as it’s “just another opportunity”. Much as an opportunity to perform should always be explored, this is where an artist must also be aware and weigh up if this form of exposure is worth any form of reputational damage. It is important to note that there is a difference between performing at political and state functions. For example, performing at a political (pep) rally is different to performing at a presidential inauguration. It is very important to differentiate between the two separate structures in order to evaluate the offers that come the artist’s way.

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Small in stature but @XL when it comes to DJ-ing


Child stars have always been a fascination in the entertainment industry. From musical greats such as Michael Jackson, rapper Lil Bow Wow (aka Shad Moss), Justin Bieber, Selena Gomes and French pop sensation JoJo; the paparazzi lens has been focused on them since they were young kids. Today’s interviewee is an up-and-coming prospect, although he hasn’t yet reached the heights of the aforementioned contemporaries, he is our youngest feature!

DJ @XL (pronounced Axel) hails from Montauban (near Toulouse) in France and is 12-years old! For those of us old enough to relate, DJ @XL is the Doogie Howser M.D. of techno music (okay, we promise to stop with the child prodigy referrals 🙂 ) . DJ @XL is one very dedicated young man, who was able to fit us in (courtesy of his lovely parents) for a chat! This was all between DJ-ing classes, school and the various extramural activities most children usually get up to. Here’s a glimpse into DJ @XL’s world!

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Swedish producer Baxter Beats backs up the BOOM of instrumentals!

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What would you get if you took the name Baxter, then add Sweden and South Africa into the mix? That answer could likely come from a football fan, who would automatically associate all of the above with the coach of the South African National team in Stuart Baxter. This is due to the Englishman having had a coaching stint in Sweden with Orebro SK, before heading down to South Africa for a number of coaching spells in the region. Strangely enough, our guest this week is a Swedish producer and beat maker named Baxter Beats, cementing another South African-Scandinavia media collaboration for us (through the “English” language as a medium). The irony doesn’t end there Baxter Beats is from Orebro the town Orebro SK – which is where Stuart Baxter also coached!

With all the crazy associations and synchronicities out the way, we just get into the “mix” by having Baxter Beats (also known as Dave Baxter) in for a QandA session. Baxter Beats has done some collaborative work with 18 Horses on their latest project. This is what prompted us to learn more about his impressive sound. We asked him more about his origins in the music game, his future plans and other things.

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Keep up with the latest “rap gourmets” on Master Chef Toast TV!

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Our good friend whom we haven’t heard from after some time Master Chef Toast, is asking the public to follow his latest moves on his YouTube Channel: Master Chef Toast TV! This channel features all of Master Chef Toast’s various  areas of interests which are chiefly in the realm of the Arts and education, featured mainly around music and hip-hop!