Swedish producer Baxter Beats backs up the BOOM of instrumentals!

Lavatory Records

What would you get if you took the name Baxter, then add Sweden and South Africa into the mix? That answer could likely come from a football fan, who would automatically associate all of the above with the coach of the South African National team in Stuart Baxter. This is due to the Englishman having had a coaching stint in Sweden with Orebro SK, before heading down to South Africa for a number of coaching spells in the region. Strangely enough, our guest this week is a Swedish producer and beat maker named Baxter Beats, cementing another South African-Scandinavia media collaboration for us (through the “English” language as a medium). The irony doesn’t end there Baxter Beats is from Orebro the town Orebro SK – which is where Stuart Baxter also coached!

With all the crazy associations and synchronicities out the way, we just get into the “mix” by having Baxter Beats (also known as Dave Baxter) in for a QandA session. Baxter Beats has done some collaborative work with 18 Horses on their latest project. This is what prompted us to learn more about his impressive sound. We asked him more about his origins in the music game, his future plans and other things.

Lavatory Records: Describe David Baxter/Baxter Beats the artist and person for those who are not familiar with you?

Baxter Beats: My real name is David Fredriksson. Born 1988 in Sweden. My artist name is Dave Baxter which became Baxter Beats. I’m a passionate music producer / beatmaker now living in Örebro / Sweden.

LR: How did you find your passion for making music and in particular music production?

BB: I grew up in a home where my parents (particularly my father) were always playing music, everything from rock, reggae, hip hop, funk etc! So I guess my interest in music began way back before I knew it myself. From the start (around age 15) I began by mixing music for artists like DJ Splash, Trancequility (now one of Wasted Penguins), Raaban Inc aka Lazer inc. I sat everyday at the Euroadrenaline Forums waiting for people to release new dope music to make “megamixes”, a mix with at least 5 tracks in it! After about 3 years of mixing, I made a decision to make my own music. I started to make “Hands up!”  music which is music done by the likes of Cascada and Rob Mayth. Because I had mixed a lot of artists’ music I had gained their belief in me, so they guided me on how to start. The program I used (and still use to this day) was FL Studio. The progress was pretty fast from the start and led to the release of my first song. I had received some good feedback and it felt really good.

I continued to make music and my favorite part has always been making melodies! I did “Hands Up” music for about 3-4 years but then I dropped it to begin making Hip Hop beats. It all was just a random thing, my childhood friend was into making beats and he began to teach me sampling, laying down drums and so on.

LR: How would you describe your style of music if you were to “categorise” it?

BB: My style of music today is mainly Boom Bap/Hip Hop. But being that I always like making melodies so I also make a lot of trap music. I like to mix samples with new fresh sounds, developing my own kind of style and flavour to it.

LR: Which prominent artists do you consider “the standard” to aspire to and why?

BB: Artists I like and who inspire me the most are beat makers and producers like Alchemist, 9th Wonder, Mac Miller (R.I.P), Aarab Music, Kyle Beats!

LR: You recently worked with 18 Horses on their latest album Aderton. How did that collaboration come about?

BB: The album was really fun to make! Our collaboration was smooth and based on humility! I heard some of Sebastians (from the 18 Horse) tracks and just added him on Facebook, before sending him some beats. He really liked them and this was the start of “Aderton EP”, The rest is history. We will make another EP / Album in the future!

LR: How would you evaluate the growth of the hip hop scene in Sweden as compared to the rest of the world?

BB: The Swedish Hip Hop scene in my opinion is way different now that it was compared to when it first took off. Nowadays we have people that try to mimic the US rappers but also we have the classic Boom Bap Hip Hop heads. I guess it’s bigger now than before and many more people are making Hip Hop, I like it!

LR: Which artists across the world and time would you like to most collaborate with and why?

BB: Artists I really want to work with is Jay Rock from Black Hippy, he has a dope flow and his voice is really nice. Also I think he would fit perfect on my beats! Also I really want to make music with Masse from Redline Records, he is one of Sweden’s biggest and best producers!

LR: Are there any projects or upcoming events that you are working on you can tell us about?

BB: I’m constantly working on beats and tracks with people. For the moment I’m making beats for Almelije Poppa, a really dope rapper who raps really fast. He has been on the Swedish TV-show “Talang”. The album will be a Trap album with a lot of electronic sounds and melodies! I will also produce for 18 Horses again some time soon. I have a lot of requests for beats so I have a lot on my plate as always 🙂 I will do some shows in the future, dates will be announced closer to the time!

LR: Any special people you wanna shout out?

BB: I like to shout out my homies Thomas Larsson (Owner of Ylleh, a clothing line based in Sweden that I work with) Jonathan Alexander, Sebastian Chrismansson, Janne Åkerlöf, and Jeron Van Der Wal.

We would like thank Baxter Beats for chatting with us! To follow his moves you can keep up with him on SoundCloud. Facebook and Instagram.


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