Pretoria Rapper Rollie Mallorca about to get “his time” at TnT Corporation!


Lavatory Records

On the song Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems the late Notorious BIG emphasises the victory of having the luxury to afford a rolex as he raps “Throw your rollies in the air, wave em side-to-side keep your hands high…” This is seen as a status upgrade for someone who’s made it from the bottom to the top. Rollie Mallorca, is one dude who is making sure that that while he represents the hood, he will stunt on em because he means what he says and says what he means! He’s a straight shooter who timeously gets to the point like a swiss watch!  

Strange enough RCD Mallorca which is a segundo division football team in Spain, is a perfect description of his current plight. The pursuit of getting into La Liga (Spanish premier division) is a viable target as it is for Rollie to ball in the big league, all thanks to hooking up with Tre and TnT Corporation. We had a chat with Rollie regarding his background, his future plans and of course his new affiliation with TnT Corporation!

Lavatory Records: Who is Rollie Mallorca and how did you come up with the name?

Rollie: Keabetswe a.k.a “Rollie” is a rapper from Ga-rankuwa zone 6, a small “kasi” neighborhood situated next to the Sefako Makgatho University (SMU) campus (formerly known as Medunsa). I came up with that name cause it’s simple, catchy and also a bold and short! So yeah…plus I value myself and my time (something next door to Rolex watch #Bars)!

LR: How did you get started in the music game?

Rollie: Well, I started listening to hip hop after trying a few genres of music, but then I fell in love with hip hop when I was in grade 6 prolly (12yrs old). Then I started taking music seriously from 2012/2013 working with MSE & TMS (Milestone Ent.).

LR: What kind of music do you do?

Rollie: I’ m doing hip hop and leaning more towards to rap! I can do trap also…

LR: Who are your favourite musicians and why?

Rollie: My favorite musicians locally gotta be Emtee & Nasty C respecting them OG’s! I’d have gon’ for the late Jabba & Pro… but currently gotta be Emtee! I can relate to his music it’s kinda in line of the same s*** I’ve been through or worse.

LR: How has your experiences of the South African music industry been?

Rollie: The South African Music industry & my experience of it is positive.  I think it’s all good enough in that it gives new talent a chance at the business..but all it takes is hard work.

LR: You’re the newest TnT signee… How did that come about?

Rollie: I can’t really say newest TNT signee as yet ‘cause there is still some other things that have to be done under the label, but when everything is official I’ll make it official too! Yeah, I been knowing Tre for a while so after a couple of months he called me & obviously we had a meeting than yeah .. everything started from there.

LR: If the details could work themselves out, which three prominent artists would you most like to work with?

Rollie: Locally I’d like to work with Emtee, Nasty C & uhmm Swift Biko! Internationally.. Kevin Gates, Meek Mill &  Lil Wayne.

LR: Are you currently working on anything you’d like us to know about?

Rollie: Currently working on a mixtape … I don’t have a title for it yet but already got one single online “Bhari” ft Sp … expect visuals for it . I’ll keep u posted!

LR: Apart from music what else are you into?

Rollie: I see myself an an actor or doing comedy! I want to get on big screens, movies & write a book about myself.

LR: Is there anybody you wanna shout out?

Rollie: S/O to TMS still got love for my homies, ConerJoint Record for giving me studio time & finally TNT much better! s/o Tre’ .. & my homie Khalamari, my fans & everybody who supports me, showing me love. I appreciate it . #KeRollie

We would like to thank Rollie Mallorca for choppin’ it up with us! To hear more of his sounds check out Spotify where you can hear his singles Bhari and Trap Man Tony!



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