About The Managing Director

Thato Keikelame serves as Managing Director of Lavatory Records. Thato is a B.Com honours graduate in Business Management and has obtained his B.Com Degree in Industrial Psychology while majoring in: Industrial Psychology, Business Management, and Communication. His choice of studies reflects an individual who is largely versatile and open to various domains of thought. He recently undertook to learning to play the keyboard again, percussion instruments and music production software. He is a developing artist, a rapper/lyricist/song writer which has enhanced his level of creativity. He is becoming quite actively involved in community work and very passionate about the youth and future of South Africa.

Thato has worked as a BBBEE, Transformational and Talent Management Consultant for a client services company with a national footprint. Prior to that, he headhunted for a niche Executive Search Company. It is after this exposure he embarked on Talent Management/Artist Management within the Entertainment Industry, as he has passion for the arts as well a penchant for talent spotting, together with the ability to support top and senior management decisions in regards to managing talent.

Thato started Lavatory Records as a solutions based firm, that supports much needed management support to the Performing Arts industry. He is also known as a “Music Economist”, as he considers himself a fundamentalist of wealth development, revenue streaming and a value based technician within the context of the performing arts.