PurvGang “Till I’m Dead” #PurvyFriday

Lavatory Records

PurvGang says Till I’m Dead on #PurvyFriday for this week, which is off the #NoFatel mixtape.



Lose Your Shoes Remix by Denzyl (Produced by Duane Sin)

Lavatory Records

Lose Your Shoes (Remix) (available for streaming and free download) is a single from Denzyl’s self-titled EP. The singer wanted to do something special with this track and so he recorded the remix to ‘reinvent’ the song.

The bouncy version of this potential hit single came out just as Denzyl envisioned. An artist from Durban would only want something as hot as his hometown’s climate. The remix just had to be done – you can “blame it on the boogie” (to paraphrase the late legendary singer Michael Jackson). Denzyl is known in his private circles as someone who likes getting “down” to the groove, so it was inevitable that he would produce an upbeat tune. If this festive season you get itchy feet as result of wearing your “dancing shoes”, you may have to thank Denzyl for that one!

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