French rapper Alouatta doing it all his way

Lavatory Records

French dungeon rapper, Aloutta , is from the Eighty-Eight Music label and stable mates with the likes of Yonea and Djamben. Interestingly, Alouatta (as a rapper) is a bit of an odd ball, considering the even numbered figures of his label. For all his virtue in thriving for simplicty, it can create complexity in this industry that is renowned for placing artists in a specific category or a box! One can also look at the point of departure of the man as rather peculiar, as he is not quite a music fan, but a fan of making music.

In this interview we had the chance to tap into his mind, and discovered what motivates him, his views and other things. Read on and make up your own mind, see if you can figure him out! Also you can check out his latest music video for his single Face Cachee.


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