AMA is away from, and BEYOND limited beliefs!

Lavatory Records

AMA, a young vibrant Zimbabwean songstress embodies the essence of contemporary artistry in terms of self-expression and embracing one’s independence. Independent of thought and of voice, the lovely songbird can also hold no punches when it comes to deliberating her message. She lives her truth and speaks it!

Being a lady with a head strong attitude, AMA makes it clear that she’s all about living her full purpose in music and that’s just it for her (do not ask her to ever consider anything else). AMA’s new single, Folklore, alongside fellow Zim artist LoveDale Makalanga (DJ Discord) is currently doing the rounds online. Lavatory Records had the opportunity to delve into the AMAzing abstract mind and AMAzon-like personality of the singer: AMABEYOND!

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Folkore by DJ Discord (LoveDale Makalanga) and AMABEYOND

Lavatory Records

Zimbabwean artists AMABEYOND & DJ Discord (LoveDale Makalanga) have released their new single called Folklore. The dynamic duo have not only collaborated on this spectacular duet, they also both have been interviewed recently by Lavatory Records!

Make sure you download the single and also look out for those interviews with both artists, coming real soon!