Ampli-Fire DeCheff gets amplified in the kitchen

Lavatory Records

What happens when you mix Hip Hop, with a dancer, engineer and a genealogy of a “cook”? The answer is Ampli-Fire DeCheff! Not to be confused with his good friend and homeboy Master Chef Toast, whom we have featured on numerous occasions on the Lavatory Records platform.

Ampli-Fire DeCheff who hails from Lebowa in Limpopo is renowned for his straight talk and direct punches. The in-your-face, “going for the jugular” trait is not only something that has been honed from battling in cyphers, but also dually something that is intrinsically him even in every day conversation. Befittingly, his birth name is Percy just like New Orleans rapper Master P, who is also known for his militant deliberation and drill sergeant-like rap delivery.

Affectionately known as Amp, the rapper took some time to talk to us about his orientation to Hip Hop, how he adopted his style of music and poetry, his forthcoming project called Doppler Effect and its unusual concept. Of course there are numerous other things Amp also shared with us, to get us “amped up” on what he has been cooking up.

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