Komishner is AWAKEN IN 20:16 bars

Lavatory Records

Komishner, aka AWAKEN IN, is one artist who is just like these lyrics by fellow rapper/producer Classified (Canada), in that they stay “building instrumentals and kill them with brilliant rhymes”.  When one looks at Komishner/AWAKEN IN – he operates in duality and for that reason; the meanings of his names signify a balancing out as an artist.

Known for executively producing Master Chef Toast’s Home Made projects and contributing on A Taste Of Maturity, Komishner also happens to be from Ga-Mphahlele in Limpopo, the same ‘hood’ where Master Chef Toast and Ampli-Fire DaCheff are both from. Since releasing his latest project entitled #2016Bars, we have gotten more familiar with his rapping side. 2016 is the year he is officially coming out and announcing himself on the scene.

Komishner afforded Lavatory Records an exclusive interview as he has decided to finally put himself at the forefront, stepping away from the shadows. We quizzed him about his dual pseudonyms, his passion for rapping versus producing, working with Master Chef Toast, the local content policy by the South African public broadcaster and other things.

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2016 Bars by Awaken In (Komishner)

Lavatory Records

Producer & Rapper AWAKEN In who is also known as Komishner, who was known for handling Master Chef Toast’s Home Made, Home Made 2 and Home Made 3 project has released his debut project entitled 2016 Bars.

Readers will be pleased to know that the the interview with AWAKEN IN will be soon availed to you all. Be on the lookout for that.