Awich: living hip hop as she wishes

Lavatory Records

Hip hop has asserted itself as a global movement by reaching out to all corners of the world. One of the places to have etched itself onto the hip hop grid is Japan. This became evident in the collaboration between U.S. rapper Mos Def and Japan’s own DJ Honda on the classic hit Travelin’ Man. That particular song encapsulated the advancement of hip hop in terms of geographic spread as a unified movement.

Awich (Pronounced as “Aye Witch”), who is a Japanese femcee known for carrying out her all round artistic vision and lyrically holding her own. Born and raised on the island of Okinawa, she naturally embodies the embracement of multi-culturalism, which comes from being a native of Okinawa – which was a satellite colony of the USA. Having been influenced by a dynamic of cultures has given life to the phrase of the “Asia Wish Child”, in which Awich has been taught independence and donning the ability to create something of and on her own.

We had a Q & A with Awich and asked about her origins, her thoughts of the state of hip hop in the world and in the Japanese music industry, her future projects and other things.

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