“Untouchable” music video by Chron Burgundy

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Johannesburg rapper Chron Burgundy is back with his latest single, in the form of a music video entitled Untouchable.

Untouchable contains a sample from the late Hip Hop great: Notorious BIG! This is the first single off Chron’s forthcoming EP entitled “Legend of the Lost legend”  which was wholly produced by Kokaina.

To get further updates of the forthcoming EP and other Chron Burgundy related information, then check out his official website.



Poetic Justice by Chron Burgundy & Huck Finn

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Chron Burgundy & HuckFinn have released their first visual single off their upcoming EP, New Rap City. They have released the single called Poetic Justice.

As the song is very different from what people expect lyrically of the Joburg duo… They felt that a video to highlight the single, would give people more understanding of why they went this route with the sound and concept.

The full length EP will be released later this month, until then you can listen to the other 3 audio releases , Paid In Full, Menace II Society and New Jack City

Chron Burgundy & Huck Finn getting “Paid In Full”

Lavatory Records

Chron Burgundy and Huck Finn have leaked  a third single off of their forthcoming collaborative EP called New Rap City. The third single from that project is called Paid In Full .



The project which has been inspired by urban themed films such as Menace To Society and New Jack City, is still yet to have an official release date. We will ensure to break it to you all as soon as we have more information on that! Till then enjoy the Paid In Full track!


“Menace II Society” by Chron Burgundy and Huck Finn from the “New Rap City” album

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Chron Burgundy & HuckFinn have decided to pre-release another single called Menace II Society ,which serves as the second single after the New Jack City single. 

Menace II Society was the song that birthed the idea of Chron & Huck putting together the New Rap City EP. It was also the first official OB-1 beat, that both artists had ever jumped on.

Look out for the Johannesburg duo’s first video dropping soon. In the meantime you can stream/download the song below.

“New Jack City” featuring Delite – taken off the “New Rap City” EP by Chron Burgundy & Huck Finn

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New Rap City; a collaboration project from Chron Burgundy & Huck Finn (co-founder of Run JHB). The concept behind this EP is set to take listeners on somewhat of a nostalgic trip down memory lane, as the project’s theme is based around mid to late 90’s movies.

The EP’s production was handled by OB-1, except for the bonus cut which had an unknown producer by take the board. The most we know about this unknown beat-smith is his name, Lenin. Could this be part reason they decided to unleash the “bonus” cut as the first single off the project? Generally, this tactic is not used. Perhaps the duo are looking to help promote Lenin with this marketing scheme?

Based on hearing the New Jack City single, listeners can surely expect a number of raps highlighting the trials & tribulations which have earned them the right to celebrate life, whilst maintaining the flamboyant and braggadocios bars. The EP is expected to have content touching on a lot of highs, with minimal lows. Various samples from the movies can be heard throughout the project, but it was kept to a minimum (which could be a good thing, if they wanted to keep music aspect of things).

This should be an exciting step in Chron’s career being this is his first collaboration project. Huck Finn has released a small online project with his brother Riky Rick. When asked to comment on why we did not see Riky’s name on the feature line up, Chron simply stated “We are our own artists. At no time do we want people to assume we need to ride on anyone’s wave. Perhaps in the future, we will get a 16 from Riky, but for now, we wanna show case, us”.

Expect to hear the full EP before the end of 2016, with no set date as yet. But, based on the track list being finalized, we can only assume it is ready to launch.

Follow Chron Burgundy & Huck Finn on twitter, to stay tuned for upcoming releases @chronburgundy & @HuckRunJHB. Catch the free stream/download of New Jack City feat. Delite” on the link below:

Chron Burgundy is back with “SlumLxrd”

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A year after releasing his sophomore mixtape titled Play By The Rules, Chron Burgundy is back in 2016 with a brand new single SlumLxrd available for free download and streaming. 

A build up single, before unleashing new material off the upcoming EP New Rap City with Run JHB co-founder HuckFinn.

As usual, expect a barrage of rhyme schemes, punchlines & metaphors from the rapper who proudly represents Johannesburg, South Africa.



Chron Burgundy holds it down!

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“Hold it down!” – was the projected and exclaimed command Chron Burgundy gave to the chatty, restless crowd. The phrase that he’s now known for, was initially coined during his days when he officiated and did the time-keeping for the now dormant Art of War battles league.

Chron always ensured rappers “played by the rules” by keeping it ‘official’. This has now transcended into his raps/music and “hold it down” for local hip-hop heads. He’s still calling fouls (expletives), although he’s no longer known as “Foul”. He was also a contributing writer for the South African hip-hop publication Hype Magazine, some time ago. This experience may have contributed to making him the “Ron Burgundy” (a movie character played by Will Ferrell in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) of hip-hop – the Anchorman who holds the show down. Though his style is not based as far back as the 1970s – Chron still keeps it “old school”.

The man who dropped his first solo project #Sandcastles in 2014, serves as one-third of the group, Sounds Intense. The group released their single Money In the Bank on the 8th of May 2015.  Chron took time out to speak with Lavatory Records about his journey into hip-hop, the change of names, TTE (TitusTrack Entertainment) and much more.

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Chron Burgundy presents: Play By The Rules


After releasing #Sandcastles in early 2014, Chron Burgundy is back with a follow up project. Chron (previously known as Foul-Play to some), went right back in the studio and worked on his much anticipated second solo offering, titled Play By The Rules.

Play By The Rules was released on the 29th of May 2015. Unlike #Sandcastles,  Play By The Rules has very minimal features but notable appearances are made from Nic Blaze (who featured alongside Chron on Falcone’s single: The Drug Cartel) , Rawtek, Chron’s band-mates from the group Sounds Intense; Paragon and Uni-VERSE –  who brought you the Money In The Bank single, as well as Slyme (a renowned battle rapper on the Scrambles 4 Money battle circuit).

Chron Burgundy’s interview with Lavatory Records will be out on  the 8th of June 2015! Look out for that interview and  in the mean time, please stream or download Play By The Rules.

Money In The Bank by Sounds Intense


Download the new single called Money In The Bank by Sounds Intense.

Sounds Intense comprises of TitusTrack Entertainment trio Uni-Verse, Chron Burgundy and our recent feature Paragon. The artwork for the Money In The Bank single was done by our other recent feature Falcone, who also featured Chron Burgundy on his single The Drug Cartel.

Chron who has agreed to feature on the Lavatory Records site for an interview in the forthcoming weeks, had this to say regarding the Money In The Bank  single: 

“It’s not what people are expecting to hear, but it’s what people wanna hear…” – Chron Burgundy

Be on the lookout for the Chron Burgundy interview, coming soon!