Women’s month tribute (2015)

In honour of women’s month in South Africa, We would like to pay special tribute to the beautiful ladies that have featured here on the Lavatory Records platform.

Special mentions to Nicole Fortuin, Angela Nimah Courtnae’ Paul, Emmaline, Nubia Soul, Jalettua Nuune & Thato Hlatshwayo (in order of appearance) for having featured so far and sharing your stories with us. We appreciate the contribution and having you on our platform.

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Nicole Fortuin: http://bit.ly/1Pek5Ln

Photo credit: Ross Van Schalkwyk

Angela Nimah:  http://bit.ly/1Eh98Ca

Lavatory Records

Courtnae’ Paul : http://bit.ly/1IVlRBW

Lavatory Records

Jalettua Nuune: http://bit.ly/1UiUXsY


Thato Hlatshwayo: http://bit.ly/1Eupehh


Courtnae’ Paul: South Africa’s top B-girl who lives for the rhythm

Lavatory Records

The art of ‘B-boying’ within a male dominated hip-hop fraternity is far from a widely told story, let alone having a B-girl to tell it. When looking at the elements of hip-hop, the art of ‘B-boying’- also known as break dancing – doesn’t garner as much attention as Emceeing and DJ’ing.

It is rather an injustice that dancers tend to be less recognised and often under-appreciated in the performing arts, as the technicality of breaking or B-boying is rather complex and takes enormous skill and dedication. ‘B-boying’ as the name suggests is often thought of as an art form that only males can handle. This is because of the physical rigour the craft entails. That is, balancing and carrying one’s body-weight while rhythmically moving to the beat. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking that ladies can never do this nor possess the skill to be mean break dancers.

Courtnae’ Paul is one such lady who’s a choreographer, DJ and South Africa’s top B-girl,. But that’s not all there is to this gorgeous lass. Courtnae’ is a commerce scholar and encompasses the present industry paradigm of artists and performers having to also harness an entrepreneurial spirit. Being able to operate and compete in a male dominated industry with as much ease as she does, is testament to her great fortitude and tenacity.

Lavatory Records had the pleasure of talking to this dynamic young woman about her craft and aspirations, developments within the industry and the challenges of being the top B-girl in South Africa.

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