The mack returns for 2019 on Crispy T-Mack Attack episode 4!


Crispy T returns on this episode of Crispy T-Mack Attack Episode 4: Breakin’ 2 Mackin’ Up! The show  is available on Mixcloud for free streaming. This episode is all about closing old relationships to welcome in new cycles of relationships and love.

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T’Crispalla returns – this time on Crispy T-Mack Attack #3 with his single “Vibranium T’ing”!

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This week T’Crispalla (The Black Pimpanel) premieres his new single which talks about “black men of power” in song on a track called “Vibranium T’ing”! This is on the new show of Crispy T-Mack Attack Episode #3.

Crispy T then talks about the use of social media and technology and how it has affected the game. Is Macking Dead? #MACKandaForever

Crispy T’s Tropic of Gemini Season 2 starts off with a “double sided” Episode 11! Pays tribute to late his grandfather and welcomes his godson’s birth

Alberton based radio personality and producer Crispy T has brought in his winter project called Tropic of Gemini, starting with a double sided (two part) Episode 11 to kick off season two of the drum and bass series. Both episodes were dedicated to two very special people in his life, his grandfather who passed away on the fourth of June in 2017 and his god son who was born last week. Both events happened during the gemini zodiac season.

The double part project was chosen to represent duality of death and life, where both operate at tandem and represented through the numeral “11” to mark the symbol of Gemini. where something ends – it brings about a new beginning.

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TnT Show #3 – “The Black Pander” featuring special guest Julie Vivier and “T’Crispalla”

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This week we have ” T’Crispalla ” who reviews the Black Panther movie which in his view, should be renamed due to it’s pandering to a black audience demanding a black super hero from Marvel Universe! Find out what Trizzy Tre and Crispy T (T’Crispalla) had to say about Marvel’s latest creation. (don’t forget to check out Tre’s website)

This show also features Julie Vivier from the Julie Muir Vivier Anti-Abuse & Empowerment Trust (JMV Trust). We had a nice chat to her about the foundation and her selection of Top 5 songs (featured herein), along with a few other things. You can find out more about Julie and her foundation on these following places:


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It’s the return of the mack on Crispy T-Mack Attack Episode 02: The gross dishonesty of “feminine purity”


On this episode our boy Crispy T returns for this second installment of his solo radio show on 012TnT_Radio! Crispy T-Mack Attack Episode 2 is available on Mixcloud.

Hear what he has to say on what really disgusts him about the dating scene. Particularly the biased views on the “clean” portrayal of women who are seen as more modest and romantically pure. Watch how he undresses the issue in his usually “crispy” manner!

Let us know what you think in any of the comment sections. Follow Crispy T on all relevant social media platforms: @crispyt1450 .


Crispy T closes season two of Crispy’s Caribbean Cruise with Episode 22

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Crispy T has closed his summer project which is the season two of Crispy’s Caribbean Cruise, on episode 22 which is available on Mixcloud and Audiomack (free download).

Fear not – Mr Crispy will be back real soon with season of his winter project Tropic of Gemini. which is for all the Drum and Bass fans. Until then – enjoy this very last episode of #cccALB1450.