Mixing it up with our very own “SABC” DJ Ceddy

Lavatory Records

Our guest this week is locally based DJ Ceddy, who has been on the scene for a while as a journeyman who is an IT professional during the day and dons his DJing headphones during his free time. The entertainer DJ Ceddy (not to take a swipe at the comedian Cedric the Entertainer) is a colourful individual who caters for diverse crowds who enjoyed music in general. A contrast of the man’s personalities is thus created pretty much like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

We were able to have a great sit down with our Asian brother and asked about him his experiences thus far. He opened up to us about his style and sound, the other meaning of the abbreviation SABC, the shocking sudden departure of Avicii and many other things. He is quite the character despite his mild-mannered appearance.

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