“Shimmy Beach Spring Crush Live Mix” by DJ Kimmy K

Lavatory Records

Listen to DJ Kimmy K’s latest mix called Shimmy Beach Spring Crush Live Mix. The mix is a deep house set mixed with some commercial house tracks, as well as some deep house remixes of commercial tracks.

Kimmy K made an appearance at the H20 Africa :Final Wave event this year. We also had the pleasure of interviewing DJ Kimmy K during the month of October, just before the H20 Africa :Final Wave event. 


Deep in the “House” with DJ Kimmy K

Lavatory Records

The art of DJing (Disc Jockeying) is a craft that takes a different context, depending on which space and platform the skill is exhibited on. It could mean one thing in the radio industry and entail having a different skillset within the club domain. The common theme to being a Disc Jockey is having the love of music while being interchangeable to suit the crowd.

The duality of balancing what sounds good to the DJ contrasted with what will connect with the audience or crowd is very much like operating a twin turntable set. This entails having to change from one paradigm of “self” to “others” in sequence, then crossing back over. The dual carriage creates the conundrum of whether surviving as a DJ, requires the DJ to cross over to the fans or the fans crossing over to the DJ?

In EDM (Electric Dance Music) for example, the expectation created for EDM DJs is to also be able to compose their own music, let alone just playing it. For answers in this space – Lavatory Records turns to our very own EDM DJ, Kimmy K from South Africa.

DJ Kimmy K whose real name is Kim Myers found her calling in the biggest party destination in the world in Ibiza. Kim has also “virtually” worked with Ministry of Sound as an international credential to her career. A management consultant by day in the B2B (Business to Business) industry turned DJ after sunset; Kimmy K shared with us how she’s taking the changes of the industry in her stride. She also tells us how she manages the expectation of being a DJ during this “famous for being famous” era, finding her Deep House sound and her experiences during her come up thus far – along with her future plans.

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H20 Africa – The Final Wave (2015)

Lavatory Records

It’s that time of year again! One of the biggest Dance Music parties on the African continent, H20 Africa: The Final Wave, is taking place this month. H20 Africa: The Final Wave will be happening on Saturday the 10th  of October 2015 at Wild Waters in Boksburg.

The headlining artists for the event are Dyro, DJ Craze, Super Flu, Harrison, Kinky Movement, Tony Cha Cha, Juicy M.

One of the prominent DJs billed to play at this event is South Africa’s DJ Kimmy K. Lavatory Records had the pleasure of interviewing DJ Kimmy K recently. Look out for that interview on Monday the 5th of October 2015. We were quite fortunate to be able to catch her considering her busy schedule.

For more details on the event, check out the H20 Africa – The Final Wave facebook event page.