Tatiana Thaele launches The Flute Practice channel on YouTube

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Tatiana Thaele who is one half of the group Duo Bel Canto alongside Eben Meyer, has embarked on taking her musical education to the online world by launching The Flute Practice channel on YouTube.

She had this to say regarding the channel via her Facebook profile:

“Flutist, flautist and other interested musicians….welcome to my latest adventure! A channel for practice/practice, performance and other flute and music related matters. This project is still in its infancy so I would love all your input…after all this is actually a space meant for you!” – Tatiana Thaele

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If you want to know more about the lovely flute lady, make sure you read her interview with us from November of 2015, like The Flute Practice Facebook Page and subscribe to the  YouTube Channel


Duo Bel Canto perfoming Alfeios : Ancient Greek Music written by Cornelis Jordaan

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Tatiana Thaele (Flute) and Eben Meyer (Guitar) from the group Duo Bel Canto, delved into a Ancient Greek classical piece entitled Alfeios, which was written by Cornelis Jordaan. This is just part 1  of  Alfeios the rest of the installments still yet to be released.


Don’t forget to read our interviews with Eben Meyer conducted last month and Tatiana Thaele which was published in November of 2015.

Eclectic Eben imparts his evolving perspective through music

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Eben Meyer is another one of our unusual guests to have been feature on the Lavatory Records platform. He is the guitarist, who alongside the talented flautist Tatiana Thaele, form the group Duo Bel Canto, whose Latin inspired sounds of instrumentals are very evident in the name.

The man with the initials E.M. has a penchant for making Easy Music (befitting for a person whose life is centred on music) for listeners with “cultured ears”. Eben also happens to be a music scholar and a graduate in musicology, and works as a social media marketer during the day.

We are honoured to have had the chance to speak to Eben about his background, get his insight on music education, the Musikmesse Trade Show, his forthcoming projects with Duo Bel Canto and other things.

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Catch Tatiana Thaele at “Metamorphoses::Mythes des femmes” alongside Julia Rinderle

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Flautist Tatiana Thaele whom we featured on the Lavatory Records platform in an interview conducted in November of 2015, is a co-organiser of a production called Metamorphoses::Mythes des femmes which is The Story of Women In Mythology And Music. The event features Tatiana on flute and Julia Rinderle on Piano.

The event will take place at Erin Hall which is located at 8 Erin Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town on the 19th of March at 8PM. Tickets are available from Web Ticket and you can also email Tatiana on tthaele@gmail.com. Ticket prices are set R80 for adults and R50 for students.  For more information, checkout the Metamorphoses::Mythes des femmes event page on Facebook.

“In Ovid’s epic poem ‘Metamorphoses’ we first encounter the wood nymph Syrinx and the beginnings of the water nymph, Undine. But what does Syrinx have in common with Undine? Both must suffer for love, both must sacrifice their very essence and transform to survive, both show us what it means to be woman, to be human.
Come and join us as we explore the tale of these two beings. Through the music of Debussy and Reinecke and accompanying poetry and stories, we will unravel the magic and tragedy of these mythical women.” – Metamorphoses::Mythes des femmes Facebook event page

Tatiana’s talismanic talent to the youth

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The legend attached to the flute is one that is linked with its ability to connect the children. Consider the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, which is of Germanic folklore. The story saw a highly talented flautist prize all the town’s children away from Hamelin, with the enchantment of his melodic flute due to an un-kept promise by the Town’s Mayor.

Switching over to real life stories, we have Tatiana Thaele, who is a talented flautist and of German descent; and shares a third commonality with the legend of the Pied Piper. Tatiana has made it her mission of luring the youth from inactivity, towards instrumentality and the symphony. The paradox of meshing convention (classical music) with internet trends and social media, presents a challenge in this environment.

The expressive young lady from Cape Town spoke to us about her passion for music and education and the state of classical music, in great candour and verbosity. It is refreshing to see the enthusiasm displayed by a young lady who plies her trade in a less popular craft and genre, generally associated with the older generation.

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