“Save Me” official music video by Emmaline

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Atlanta (USA) based Aussie artist Emmaline has released her first official music video to her latest EP entitled Save Me, which was released last week.

This music video is for the song of the same name called Save Me.





Australian alternative pop artist Emmaline releases her latest EP entitled “Save Me”

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Aussie songstress Emmaline has released her latest E.P. entitled Save Me which is now available for streaming on Soundcloud.

The project can also be ordered through iTunes and is also available on Apple Music.


Trouble by Emmaline

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After being recently signed to Defiant Management (an umbrella company of Grand Hustle and No Genre), the Australian born pop sensation Emmaline, who is now based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) has released her latest single entitled Trouble. The single is available on Soundcloud  for streaming and on iTunes for streaming and downloading.

You can also check out the Trouble music video via Emmaline’s Youtube Channel. The video is shot and directed by Minista Millz of Minista Cinema and produced by Escoth. Engineered and mixed by Joshua Lance.

Emmaline who was interviewed by Lavatory Records in the month of August, 2015 had this to say about her new single Trouble.

“It was a dream of mine before I came over to the states from Australia to somewhat break into or crossover more so into the hip hop genre before I put out some of my own stuff. I’ve accomplished that mission in a sense So now i feel it’s time to focus on my solo project.

Trouble is a love song but not in a romantic sense. It’s about that epiphany you have when you realize that the person you thought you really wanted/loved really isn’t all that and you just kinda say to yourself ‘what we’re you thinking’!!! We’ve all had those light bulb moments.

I write about love because it’s what makes the world worth living in. Without love (love of others and love of self) we would have no purpose here on earth. Love conquers all, not money, not material possessions. We all want to be loved. We crave it. And we all need it..I just think sometimes we forget that we have to give it too. Spread love!!

I write in a diary type form. Everything you hear me sing is either happening to me currently or has happened at some point in the past or it’s an observation I’ve had” Emmaline

After appearing on alongside Domani Harris on Visto’s song Namaste,  Emmaline is gearing herself up for the release of her debut EP. Lavatory Records will keep you posted on that development.

Namaste by Visto Featuring Domani Harris & Emmaline

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Check out the Namaste video by Visto featuring Domani Harris & Emmaline (who featured on Lavatory Records in the month of August).

You can also stream the song on Soundcloud.

In a press statement released on the 8th of September 2015 about the song, it was stated that:

“While there are many meanings and definitions of the greeting Namaste, Visto, Domani and Emmaline have captured the meaning musically with what is undeniably a hit record for the end of the summer.  Namaste: my soul honors your soul, the spirit within me salutes the spirit in you, I honor the place in you of light, of love, of truth, of peace.” 


“Namaste was a work of the times. I wrote it at Catwalk Studios in DC and it was just very pure and heartfelt. Working with Emmaline and Domani was like working with a long lost brother and sister. It was magic and fate. The whole concept for the visual came from love”. – Visto

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“ I wanted to be a part of Namaste because I felt like it was an important message that needed to be shared to people who feel like the tough times won’t get better. And to show people another way of looking at life. Because at the end of the day the rain will always clear up” – Domani Harris

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“Working with Domani and Visto is a blessing in itself, they and I have a message of peace and love and self worth to share. The world needs it right now. The three of us have formed a very special bond based on Namaste.” – Emmaline.

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Enjoy the vibes of Namaste and don’t forget to check out our interview with the budding Australian-born and now Atlanta-based songstress, Emmaline.

Emmaline: Oz native set to ‘Pop’ in the US

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If anybody has heard of acts such as Kylie and Danni Minogue, Sia, Iggy Azalea, Indecent Obsession (who made the hit song Kiss Me in the early 90’s),  then you would know that they are pop singers who hail from “down under” in a place we call Oz, which is short for Australia.

Emmaline is a talented and gorgeous muso, who shares the same roots as all the aforementioned well-known acts. She also classifies her music under the Pop category, although with a slight deviation and new twist. Pop music, is short for ‘popular music’ which entails being relevant and moving with the times always. Emmaline pushes barriers in order to try her hand with Hip Hop, Trap Music, Rap and RnB. In her native land of Australia, a game which is similar to Rugby and American Football is commonly referred to as “Aussie Rules”. Even though she plies her trade in NFL Gridiron (American football league) territory, she doesn’t limit herself as she is constantly updating and recreating herself – testament to her “Aussie rules” mantra and upbringing.

Now residing in the US, Emmaline made this move in order to take her music career to new heights and access a bigger market. Lavatory Records had the opportunity and pleasure of talking to Emmaline about her journey in the music industry, her unique sound, some of the artists she’s worked with and so much more.

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