Techno Producer/DJ Eryx releases the “Eryx Musica Dispersa EP: Volume 1”

Lavatory Records

Spanish Techno DJ & Producer Eryx has released the Eryx Musica Dispersa EP: Vol 1 courtesy of his label: Musica Dispersa Records

Eryx was interviewed by us during the month of December 2016 – make sure you read up on this interview with the basque native to learn more about him.



Techno DJ and producer, Eryx, disperses music electronically…

Lavatory Records

Eryx is a techno DJ and producer who hails from the Basque area in Spain. Despite having an alias which originates from Greek mythology in Eryx, this DJ/ producer is actually from a city called Vitoria-Gaistez, while the legendary Eryx was a king of Sicily and renowned boxer.

As a techno musician in a monarchical country like Spain where one’s chances of being the actual “King” of the state are impossible, it means one has little or no influence in terms of the popularity of their music and attraction of a wide audience. . Hence having to be “King” is not enough in terms of national production and sovereignty – which means Eryx has to mix up his “boxing” set of combinations and take his music to other regions

This is where the UK-based Musica Dispersa records, as a meeting of points for Eryx, has come in to advance his cause. This is in particular to the current music culture where people may share (music) files more readily than opportunities. We spoke to Eryx about his passion for making music and how he got into it, the music industry in Spain and what he has in store for the future.

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