Falcone with a track and music video dedicated to his son called “Cole’s Song” !

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Falcone has released his latest track called Cole’s Song , which is out for free streaming on Audiomack and  SoundCloud.

Don’t forget to check out the music video for the single as well!


#BoutThatLife by Falcone

Lavatory Records

It is finally here! #BoutThatLife by Falcone has officially dropped. Back in July ’15 we presented  the making of #BoutThatLife.

This single as produced by Falcone  will be on the Too Many Chiefs project, slated for an early 2016 release. 

The music video is directed and edited by Jacque Moodley and can be viewed on Falcone’s YouTube Channel.

Falcone, whom Lavatory Records interviewed in March ’15, had this to say about his latest single:

“Embark on a journey of discovery as a lady and her son set out to uncover the mystery surrounding “that life”. Our heroes traverse through several European cities including Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Zurich & Berne. 

In a surprising twist, the two learn that ‘that life’ isn’t about material objects, but in fact experiences you share with loved ones. 
This journey of self-discovery will delight and amuse both young and old.” – Falcone
In the immortal words of Falcone:
“Make money, not music. Now that’s sound advice.” 

Making of #BoutThatLife by Falcone

Lavatory Records

Join our recent feature; Falcone as he records his latest single #BoutThatLife off of his Too Many Chiefs project. The track, produced by Falcone serves as a follow up to his 2013 hit BollyWoodwhich featured Br@inchild and Pluss from the group Swiss Swagg.

Falcone also brought us his other offering off the project entitled The Drug Cartel, featuring Chron Burgundy and Nic Blaze. BollyWood  featured in the August/September issue of Hype Magazine and manged to garner attention from Industry heavyweight Kwesta, who then featured on the remix.

Click here to check out the making of #BoutThatLife via his YouTube ChannelGiving us a sneak peak of Falcone’s recording process, this behind the scenes footage features Minus of FnM and Br@inchild of Proplay Music and AMS Records.

“Filled with cake and jokes, this is definitely going to be another classic.” – Falcone

Money In The Bank by Sounds Intense


Download the new single called Money In The Bank by Sounds Intense.

Sounds Intense comprises of TitusTrack Entertainment trio Uni-Verse, Chron Burgundy and our recent feature Paragon. The artwork for the Money In The Bank single was done by our other recent feature Falcone, who also featured Chron Burgundy on his single The Drug Cartel.

Chron who has agreed to feature on the Lavatory Records site for an interview in the forthcoming weeks, had this to say regarding the Money In The Bank  single: 

“It’s not what people are expecting to hear, but it’s what people wanna hear…” – Chron Burgundy

Be on the lookout for the Chron Burgundy interview, coming soon!

The Drug Cartel by Falcone

Our recent feature Falcone has released a single called The Drug Cartel, as a lead to his forthcoming release entitled Too Many Chiefs.

The Making of The Drug Cartel talks about what the song is about conceptually. The single features Chron Burgundy and Nic Blaze, was  produced by Falcone, then mixed and mastered by Maxwell “Uni Verse” Melow” from TitusTrack Entertainment.

Please check out The Drug Cartel.

Falcone: The emcee finding his wings

“Who said Alberton ain’t Hip Hop”? That’s a popular saying that the Managing Director and Founder of Lavatory Records, Thato “Tikk’n T-Doe” Keikelame, is renowned for!

As a proud Alberton native, Thato was ecstatic about having “one of his own” for a Lavatory Records exclusive interview; fellow Albertonian Falcone. Named Jacque Moodley by his mother, Falcone is mild-mannered and has an introverted demeanour. Plying one’s trade in the highly demanding advertising industry, as he does, requires one to be calm under pressure. However, do not be fooled by his baby face and laid-back manner, the man is ferocious on the microphone.

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