FDL: Free to do what he wants!

Lavatory Records

When you think about music, art or creativity in general, the last thing you’d think of are rules and regulations. No artist likes to deal with anything related to federal and centralisation, as that usually involves some form of control of their art or artistry by the government!

Federal above the Law, commonly known as FDL, is a rapper from Soshanguve in Pretoria. Despite what his name stands for, FDL embodies his full poetic license and is all about creating with no restrictions. He is part of the group Sky[Hi]Fed and an emerging solo artist who has been doing his thing for a long time. FDL is one busy man who finds it hard to sit still as he’s always on the move. Lavatory Records was happy to get a moment with him.

We asked him about his solo career, Sky[Hi]Fed and his perspectives on hip hop at the moment among other things.

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