Gryphon has the hip hop game on lock

Lavatory Records

South African Hip Hop is one genre that’s often disregarded because of the belief that there isn’t a huge following behind it as a movement. As a result local Hip Hop artists and enthusiasts have had the challenge of having to establish their own platforms and put themselves on. However, it’s no doubt that we’re in an era where (artist) independence is a blessing in disguise.

Griffin Gamede is one of the prime examples of what such independence can embody. Griffin is not just an emcee/rapper who’s found some success from independent album sales he’s also the founder and owner of an online entertainment magazine called ZA Live Magazine. Much like his name, Griffins were mythical creatures that were known to guard sacred treasures; and as fate would have it, it turns out that Griffin also knows a thing or two about finances.

We spoke to Griffin – also spelt as Gryphon – about his career, the origins and ambitions of ZALive Extras magazine, his single Love Your Life, his future plans and so much more.

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Griffin & Tlalane presents “Love Your Life” in commemoration of International AIDS Day

Lavatory Records

In light of International AIDS Day, Griffin Gamede the Managing Director of ZA Live Times magazine showcases his lyrical talents on a song featuring singer; Tlalane.

“Due to social illness and economic problems clouding and questioning our humanity one has to step up and voice the message of self belonging and respect through the art of urban hip-hop.

Love your Life raises awareness on the issue of HIV/AIDS,specially to the youth who tend to ignore the ever growing killer disease.” – Griffin Gamede

Do lookout for the interview with Mr Gamede in the new year.