Jethro features Inferno Williams on a track called “Sunday”

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Check out the new track by Jethro from Bounce Theory Entertainment on a track called Sunday featuring Inferno Williams from Revivolution.



You can also check out the lyric video for the track.



Don’t Tell Me Whattado (DTMTWTD) by Revivo

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Check out the latest video by Revivo, which consists of members ImproPoe, Inferno Williams, Tony Dangler and Tony Ills – just to name a few. The latest video is taken off their latest project called Kotas N Caviar, which is  called Don’t Tell Me Whattado.

Kotas N Caviar is available for free download and streaming!

Revivolution release their “Kotas N Caviar” mixtape!

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Slated for a release on Youth Day (June 16) out in South Africa, The Revivolution clique have released their much anticipated mixtape entitled Kotas N Caviar a little earlier than expected. 

Revivolution is no stranger here on the Lavatory Records platform as we have profiled members such as ImproPoe, Inferno Williams, Tony Dangler and Tommy Ills as the most recent feature.

Make sure you get that Kotas N Caviar album which is available for free download.


Err’thing “Pretty so slim” to Inferno

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When one thinks of the word Inferno, the least likely association would be the word “cool”. Inferno Williams however, embodies that paradox with his laid back chilled flow and demeanour, even in the heat of a grueling rap battle as seen by his displays on Scrambles 4 Money.

The young rapper from Troyville (east side of Joburg) who just released his debut project the Pretty So Slim mixtape, is a colourful character who is made conspicuous by his large puffy afro. Just like the title of his latest project, he makes rap seem so pretty – with the way he rides a beat.

Inferno Williams, a member of the rap group Revivolution, is also an animator and cartoonist who embodies his artisitic creativity in totality of his being. Lavatory Records had a chat with him about delving into battle rap, how he joined Revivolution and of course the Pretty So Slim project among other things.

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NKM (Music Video) by Revivolution

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Check out the latest video by the Revivolution clique for the single  NKM (N****s Know Me) 

We have had the honour of having two of the Revivolution clique’s members in the form of Impropoe and Inferno Williams. The interview with Inferno Williams will be availed on Monday the 12 of October 2015.

Don’t forget to check out Impropoe’s debut project entitled Body of Proofas well as Inferno Williams’s debut mixtape called Pretty So Slim.

You can also get the NKM single on Audiomack and be on the lookout for Inferno’s interview later this month.

Pretty So Slim (mixtape) by Inferno Williams

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Download or Stream the Pretty So Slim mixtape by Inferno Williams from the Revivolution clique.

Also be on the lookout for the Inferno Williams interview with Lavatory Records in weeks to come. This would make Inferno the second feature out of the Revivolution stable after his band mate ImproPoe graced our platform.

Till then, check out the Pretty So Slim available for download and streaming.

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Pretty So Slim (Back Cover)