SOWETO Rapper, JahMaine, certifies his beginning with a “Black” mark!


Lavatory Records

New York rapper Jay-Z released the Black Album in 2003. Slated as his retirement album at the time, hip hop and music fans alike were left wondering what had brought this abrupt ending and “what would happen next?” As a result the hip hop community gave Hova (Jay-Z’s other alias) an early induction into the Rap Hall of Fame as one of the GOATs (Greatest of All Time).

On our side of the world, we have another rapper, “J”, in the form of JahMaine who released his maiden project entitled Black. Unlike his American contemporary, Jahmaine‘s aim with this “coloured” title would be to mark his genesis in the game to epic status. Particularly, as both rappers names refer to deities (though loosely on Jay-Z‘s part), which would signify destiny in the mark that the colour black ultimately meant the continuation of making music. As the saying goes; an artist’s job is never done! We spoke to JahMaine about his musical origins, the making of the Black project, his opinion of the local music industry and what he considers as “good music” (another Jay and Rocafella music link)!

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JahMaine releases the “Black” project!


Lavatory Records

Soweto based emcee JahMaine released his new project called Black , which is available for free download and streaming on Audiomack and SoundCloud.

Also we will have JahMaine in for an interview in the next few weeks. Be on the lookout for that.