Jalettua Nuune presents the: 12 Nuune EP

Lavatory Records

Download or stream the latest EP by Ms Jalettua Nuune entitled the 12 Nuune EP.

In case you missed it, Lavatory Records had an interview with Jalettua Nuune during the month of August, 2015. She is a very colourful and expressive lady so you do not want to miss that read.

Enjoy the latest Jalettua Nuune offering: 12 Nuune EP.


The Dawn of “Nuune”

Lavatory Records

The art of emceeing, from its inception, has been renowned with masculinity. From emcees speaking with a thundering bass, to barking instructions to an audience to “put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care”; the vehement unequivocal centre of manliness and male dialogue epitomises the genre of music that is hip hop. However, as the music has evloved we’ve seen female emcees come into the game and add a bit of sweetness and spice. Ms Jalettua Nuune is one such artist who brings the softer side of the spectrum, mixed with odd high shrill here and there.

Her swift, upbeat and melodic flow added with her ability to hit the upper echelon of the vocal notes at any given time, exemplifies her exquisite breath control. She gives a demonstration of her rap skills on the Interview with Rapper Jalettua Nuune courtesy of Angela Nimah’s YouTube Channel. In typical hip hop fashion, this highly expressive femcee holds no bars (no pun intended) and shoots on many aspects of her young career. She completely opens her thoughts out to Lavatory Records about about her take on the industry politics, her come up, career aspirations and more.

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