X-Files Episode 37 by KING//HER showcases alternative electronica vocal sounds

Lavatory Records

KING//HER has released X-Files Episode 37 on Mixcloud, Audiomack and Fanburst.




KING//HER dedicates X-Files Episode 29 to the memory of her beloved late friend Robyn-Ann Culverwell

Lavatory Records

KING//HER has dedicated the very special episode 29 of the X-Files to the recently departed: Robyn-Ann Culverwell.

This special episode is available on Mixcloud, Audiomack (free download) and Fanburst (free download).

KING//HER wrote had this to say on her via Facebook page regarding her late friend upon releasing this mix:

” Eyes filled with tears while I made this mix. Not because I was exhausted from lack of sleep, but from crying. I told myself to stop and stay strong because thats not what you would have wanted me to do. I was angry at first because I felt it wasn’t fair that you left me without saying goodbye and the last time I saw you we took a selfie, not knowing that it was our last moment spent together. I told you I would never leave you and we swore to never leave eachother’s side. You told me that we would grow old together. I hugged you and told you that you were my best friend and my beautiful sister. You blushed and blinked your pretty green eyes. All I have are your memories left. My heart hurts, I wasn’t ready for you to leave me. I wish I could bring you back so badly but I guess you served your purpose here on earth. You taught me that being brave is the foundation of being strong, to be confident and I could be anything, that time is precious and how to be the best that I can be. I wouldn’t have the King strength if it wasn’t for you. you’re a beautiful soul Robyn and you will forever be in the stars.I miss you my sister. Until we meet again, I LOVE YOU!” 

KING//HER is back at Evolution: Ballers & High Rollers (About The Money) event this Saturday!

Lavatory Records

KING//HER who was missing in action at Evolution will be back for the Ballers & High Rollers: About The Money event. This event on Saturday the 23rd of September features DJ Lindsay-The-Dude, Courtney D, Jaybone and DJ Shezz on the decks as well.

If you want to make you way down to the event and are in Harare, Zimbabwe – make your down to Hellas in Eastlea. The event starts at 8PM and entry is free. There’s a special which consists of free shots for the first ladies to enter the venue. #KingHerSlayed