LoveDale Makalanga schools us on his Muringa inspired sound!

Lavatory Records

Meet Mr. LoveDale Makalanga –a gifted performer and an eclectic soul. The Zimbabwean-born muso comes from a musical family and has an artistically cultural background. Both factors which have helped contributed to the depth of his musicality and helped shape his musical career.

During this time where his duet single with AMABEYOND called Folklore was recently launched,  Lavatory Records were fortunate to have a convo with LoveDale. LoveDale described how he discovered his sound within the diverse realm of Afro fusion sounds. He also discussed his journey in the Zimbabwean music industry – from his early days in a music group to establishing himself as a solo artist, and so much more.

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Folkore by DJ Discord (LoveDale Makalanga) and AMABEYOND

Lavatory Records

Zimbabwean artists AMABEYOND & DJ Discord (LoveDale Makalanga) have released their new single called Folklore. The dynamic duo have not only collaborated on this spectacular duet, they also both have been interviewed recently by Lavatory Records!

Make sure you download the single and also look out for those interviews with both artists, coming real soon!