Swedish hip hop producer Martin Funkhouser releases “The Remix Files Vol.1 ” for 2018!

Lavatory RecordsMartin Funkhouser a producer out of Sweden, released his new project called The Remix Files Volume 1 which is available for streaming on Spotify.

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18 Horses on a Swedish collabo called “Flyter Omkring” produced by Martin Funkhouser!

Lavatory Records

18 Horses have released another exclusive single called Flyter Omkring , which is produced by fellow Swedish producer Martin Funkhouser.

The song is available on Spotify and also has a music video on YouTube.


The Boom-bappin’ Swede: Martin Funkhouser is in the building!

Lavatory Records

One would never think that the predominantly black urban movement that is Hip Hop, would entrench its influence in a place like Scandinavia. This is not meant in any condescending way, but Scandinavia isn’t quite known to have a huge black population. Well, thanks to the MTV revolution, because of its expansion throughout the Hip Hop culture was able to spread to the most unlikely parts of  the world – Whether or not that MTV’s success was on the back end of Hip Hop’s momentum or vice versa, is another debate altogether.

To zone in more closely into that part of the world, Sweden is home to mega pop acts like ABBA and Roxette. This is also where Martin Funkhouser hails from and he bears evidence that Hip Hop is in a healthy state of existence out there. The SpotRunnaz were once a prominent fixture in his part of the world, they embodied that boom bap style and the “catch me if you can” tag team style of rapping. Another Hip Hop crew called Looptroop Rockers are also highly lauded lyricists in many Hip Hop circles, whereas they had a more alternative style of music. The Looptroop Rockers also happen to be from the very same town as Martin Funkhouser of Vasteras.

Martin Funkhouser is a Hip Hop producer, with more of the old school style influenced by the golden ages of Hip Hop and Boom-Bap. He just recently released his EP called the Martin Funkhouser EP. We spoke to him about his origins and formative years, his debut EP and his overall perspective of the music game. Martin gave his thoughts on a number of things.

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Martin Funkhouser EP

Lavatory Records

The Sweden based hip hop producer Martin Funkhouser has released his debut project entitled the Martin Funkhouser EP which is available on Spotify and iTunes. The project features Prop Dylan, Scarz, P!Jay X Soulbrotha, Nonfic, Jayreed, Joko MC and Bob Dylanger.

We were also lucky enough to catch Martin during the days before release for an interview. That is coming up in the next few weeks, be sure to catch that one.