Keep up with the latest “rap gourmets” on Master Chef Toast TV!

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Our good friend whom we haven’t heard from after some time Master Chef Toast, is asking the public to follow his latest moves on his YouTube Channel: Master Chef Toast TV! This channel features all of Master Chef Toast’s various  areas of interests which are chiefly in the realm of the Arts and education, featured mainly around music and hip-hop!





Master Chef Toast retires his name after releasing “Home Made 3”

Here it is folks! Home Made 3 is now finally out! Backed up by production from Komishner and with a feature from Cilebls (Koena), Master Chef Toast has released the third installment of the Home Made Series.

Also to announce that there will be no more Master Chef Toast albums after Home Made 3. According to Master Chef Toast himself , his rapping days are done. Master Chef Toast has nothing to prove by rapping anymore…it’s a wrap (rap)! We will have more information on that in weeks to come.

With all that said, make sure you get Home Made 2 and Home Made 1 and complete the trilogy with the latest, Home Made 3!

Master Chef Toast presents Home Made 2

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Lim-Proper’s finest hip hop chef,  Master Chef Toast unexpectedly released his latest project Home Made 2Home Made 2 is available for free download on Datpiff. He also has his Home Made Clothing up on sale, please go and check that out.

This is Master Chef Toast’s third album to drop this year after Home Made 1 and A Taste Of Maturity. We have been fortunate enough to not only talk to Master Chef Toast once, but on two separate occasions this year. You can check our first interview with Master Chef Toast, conducted in April of this year. The second interview with Master Chef Toast was conducted in September of this year, where he explained the Home Made 1 project.

Read up on the interviews to get an inner-view of Master Chef Toast and enjoy the latest Home Made 2 project. Home Made 2 was produced by Komishner and engineered by PATMEDIC.

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Master Chef Toast shares his “Home Made” recipe

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Any good chef normally has to start within their own kitchen and learn to use cooking utensils for themselves, before embarking off to culinary school to add more variety to their assortment of gourmets. In the same vein Master Chef Toast named his latest project Home Made based on that concept. Home Made  is themed on the basis of how self-development begins at home.

What particularly stands out on this latest project by Master Chef Toast is his use of “parables” in rap verses. This is his very own “new age testament” of his Christian upbringing and infusing it with his own experiences, very much like a modern day apostle.  With the use of figurative language comes the prospect of meanings getting lost in translation. For this reason Lavatory Records decided to catch up with our good friend Master Chef Toast.

Master Chef Toast was chiefly asked on the significance of the album and the meaning to the songs. He also touched on more personal issues, such as the circumstances with significant others (yes, others – love life and music) and his family values.

Click on the video below to watch the full interview:

To get to know Master Chef Toast even better you can check out the first interview he did with us a few months ago. Otherwise you can keep up with Master Chef Toast on Facebook, Twitter: @cheftoast and YouTube.

Home Made Clothing by Master Chef Toast

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Get the latest range of Master Chef Toast gear called Home Made Clothing. This the latest range of the Master Chef Toast Apparel as previously advertised here on Lavatory Records

© 2015 Home Made Clothing (HOmeLY ROBE) Lavatory Records Lavatory Records

Be on the lookout for the Master Chef Toast follow up interview, where he chiefly discusses his latest musical project called Home Made. That interview will be published on Monday the 14th of September.

Until then check out the first interview with Master Chef Toast and check out the range of Master Chef Toast Apparel and his latest range Home Made Clothing

Home Made by Master Chef Toast

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 Master Chef Toast has released his latest project entitled Home Made on DropboxSoundCloud and AudioMack which is available for free download and stream. The project was released on Monday the sixth of July 2015. 

After releasing his sophomore release entitled A Taste of Maturity in April of this year, Master Chef Toast continues to exhibit his growth and coming of age. Once again and vintage of Chef Toast, he speaks from the heart in poignant and moving fashion. On this project there’s plenty of biblical reference and bringing his own experiences along with the said parables, using clever storytelling based on conceptual play. Included  is the Home Made (Recipe Book) in PDF format, as his modern testament of his journey to become the self(home)-made (D.I.Y. : do it yourself) chef of Hip Hop music. 

So as our readers to not get lost in interpretation (and translation) – Lavatory Records has decided to embark on the first follow up interview of it’s publication, we will be interviewing Master Chef Toast again. The interview will be available in the month of August 2015.

In the mean time get Home Made on DropboxSoundCloud and AudioMack. In case you missed it, check out our first interview with  Master Chef Toast.

Master Chef Toast Apparel


The chef of the streets has served his array of clothing for us to enjoy! Master Chef Toast who was recently interviewed by Lavatory Records, has presented us with his range of thinking caps and T-Shirts,in promotion of his latest release A Taste Of Maturity.

Chef Toast Wear (Thinking Caps - W) Chef Toast Wear (Thinking Caps - Female) Chef Toast Wear (Thinking Caps)

Support Master Chef Toast and click here to purchase the Chef Toast Wear. In the spirit of street entrepreneurial ventures, we hope to see the Chef Toast brand keep growing and expanding.

“I’m an expressionist…” – Master Chef Toast Interview

The artist known to us Master Chef Toast is quite an intriguing person. He’s loved by some and yet not highly regarded by others. This comes with the territory when a person always speaks their mind and bares all his emotions for everyone to see. One thing about Chef Toast is that you GET IT ALL! The man who gave us his rookie offering in 2012 called Street Recipe, is always working at his vlog series called “Feel at home with Chef Toast”. This is a YouTube series which features up and coming artists who are not on any “radar” in the industry.

Master Chef Toast (Left) and the late Glen$itho (Right)

Master Chef Toast (Left) and the late Glen$itho (Right)

Born Thomas Kgampi Mphahlele in Ga-Mphahlele village, Limpopo province (“Lim-proper” as he likes it to be known as), recently had a chat with Thato Keikelame, the Founder/Managing Director of Lavatory Records. The interview in its entirety can be accessed via the Lavatory Records TV channel.

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