“BOOSTER EP” by Techno producer Michael Lambart of Northbeatz Digital

Lavatory Records

Techno producer Michael Lambart and Germany based label Northbeatz Digital present the Booster EP! The album is available for pre-order on Beatport!

The abum will be released on the 22nd of March 2019.




Michael Lambart and Northbeatz Digital releases ” The Follower “!

Lavatory Records

German Techno producer Michael Lambart has released his new single called The Follower! This is the first release of 2019 by the legendary musician’s label called Northbeatz Digital and is available for free streaming and downloadable on purchase.

A bristle and stroke of dark techno painted on X-Files Episode 12 by KING//HER

Lavatory Records

KING//HER’s X-Files Episode 12 is available on Mixcloud and Audiomack (free download) which is on a Dark Techno tip.

This mix contains songs by German Techno producer Michael Lambart and his Northbeatz Digital label! If you haven’t yet read our interview with Michael Lambart from earlier this year – please ensure that you do catch that read.

Stay tuned for the 2017 interview with KING//HER which will be brought to you all shortly. #KingHerSlayed

“Radium/Mindblower” singles by Northbeatz Digital are available now for pre-order

Lavatory Records

Northbeatz Digital which is the label headed up German Techno producer Michael Lambart, have released two singles Radium/Mindblower  which are both available for pre-order. You can in the mean time stream and enjoy , before you purchase.

If you haven’t yet read our interview with Michael Lambart from earlier this month – please ensure that you do catch that read.

Grooving in Darkness with Techno producer Michael Lambart

Lavatory Records

Welcome to Bremen, a town in Germany which is known for its musicality. Thanks mainly to he fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm called “The Town Musicians of Bremen”. Unlike the story book where the main characters were actually not from Bremen (and never made it to Bremen). Our feature this week is a town musician named Michael Lambart who happens to hail from Bremen.

Michael Lambart is a techno music producer from Bremen. Known as one of the pioneers of the “Dark Techno” sound, Michael also heads up the label Northbeatz Digital.

Since techno music is regarded as a niche genre, the multi-talented Michael recently delved in DJing in order to further this movement through the Darkgroove audio mix series. We, at Lavatory Records, had a moment with Michael and discussed his tenured but rather low-key career, which started in the 1990’s.

As another point of comparison to the story by the Brothers Grimm of the musicians who were past their peak, we quizzed Michael on the longevity and commercial viability of techno music. Is it all “doom and gloom” and rather “grim” reading for Techno music? It is over to the “Dark Tech Town Musician of Bremen” to gives us the answer.

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