Minus with the Take-Away!

Lavatory Records

The objective of an emcee is to leave Hip Hop fans with something to hold on to!  Be it memorable lyrics, underlying messages, songs or just glimpses of their uniquely differentiating personality traits. The idea is to leave an impression just like the show 30 Seconds To Fame, except with more opportunities and time to make the impression. This concept is called “The takeaway”.

Minus, one half of FnM and is completed by his band mate Falcone, is one emcee who has taken on the role of being Rap’s “negative integer”. Not to say he is in anyway neither negative nor toxic in terms of the essences that contribute to Hip Hop. Minus just happens to be a highly regarded punch-liner who leaves fans with something memorable to hold on to.

In this interview we spoke to the rapper about what to expect from FnM in the future, battle rap career and aspirations, his solo endeavours and his general perspective on a number of things within the industry.

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