Graham Hunter and Mr Cloak & Dagger release the “Buffalo Street” collaborative project

Lavatory Records

Mr “Look mom no hands” Graham Hunter releases another project! This is some of his “left over” tracks, hashed into an album with songs tall executively-produced by Mr Cloak & Dagger called Buffalo Street .

A befitting name for someone who grew up in the era where Buffalo Shoes were a commonality, among the youth on the streets of Jo’burg! The project is available for free download and streaming.

“A collection of songs that me an Mr Cloak & Dagger have been working on in the last year or so, decided to push it as a joint project rather than a solo, since it was ALL team work. Some next level, alternative and hardcore OG s***t here…” – Graham Hunter

Don’t forget to read the interview with Graham Hunter, we conducted during the month of June 2015. Also make sure you get the Kris Antonym Tape by Graham Hunter, which was released in May of 2015.