Janice Honeyman’s pantomime: Sleeping Beauty

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The pantomime by Janice Honeyman is a rendition of Sleeping Beauty, which will be showcased at the Joburg theater. The preview performances start on Saturday November 7th and Sunday November 8th and the regular performances are from November 13th to December 30th

“Our Sleeping Beauty will bring the pure magic of pantomime once again to Joburg, mixed with sheer spectacle, special effects, laughter, outrageous puns, double-entendres and the most popular of contemporary music, mixed together with some classic melodies always associated with this story. Not to mention the giant spider, the fateful spinning wheel and That Kiss!” – Janice Honeyman (Joburg Theatre Website)

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The show features Nicole Fortuin who stars in the  SABC drama series, Roer Jou Voete as Princess Aurora-Adora.

To find out more about the Sleeping Beauty pantomime, click here for details to the show.


Women’s month tribute (2015)

In honour of women’s month in South Africa, We would like to pay special tribute to the beautiful ladies that have featured here on the Lavatory Records platform.

Special mentions to Nicole Fortuin, Angela Nimah Courtnae’ Paul, Emmaline, Nubia Soul, Jalettua Nuune & Thato Hlatshwayo (in order of appearance) for having featured so far and sharing your stories with us. We appreciate the contribution and having you on our platform.

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Nicole Fortuin: http://bit.ly/1Pek5Ln

Photo credit: Ross Van Schalkwyk

Angela Nimah:  http://bit.ly/1Eh98Ca

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Courtnae’ Paul : http://bit.ly/1IVlRBW

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Jalettua Nuune: http://bit.ly/1UiUXsY


Thato Hlatshwayo: http://bit.ly/1Eupehh

Nicole Fortuin’s television debut on SABC 3’s new drama series: Roer Jou Voete

Look out for Nicole Fortuin who is making her television debut tonight at 20:00 on SABC 3 (South Africa). She will be on a new Afrikaans drama series named Roer Jou Voete.

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Roer Jou Voete starts on Wednesday the 29th of July 2015, on SABC 3 at 8PM.

The series documents a young man from Johannesburg named Dillon, who moves to a small town named Verloren where he then inherits a dance club. Dillon has a dark past with many secrets which includes drug use and his father’s death. He eventually meets his dance partner Maryke Van Niekerk (played by Nicole Fortuin) and the story develops of how they overcome obstacles together.

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Maryke Van Niekerk (played by Nicole Fortuin) in the middle, is flanked by her on-set siblings all form part of the Van Niekerk family on Roer Jou Voete.

If you want to know more about this talented actress and all round creative, check out her interview with us conducted during the month of May 2015.

Triple-threat Nicole Fortuin is on cue!

This interview is particularly ground breaking for Lavatory Records as we continue to unearth untold stories. Our feature, Nicole Fortuin is a dancer and actress, who mostly regards herself as a “performer and creative” due to her versatility and multi-talented capabilities. Her dynamism is exhibited by her personally envisioned production We Are Ours, which can be viewed on her YouTube channel.

Dance embodies the ability to take on roles using technical poise, grace and supple-flexibility through physical extensions of the body. This requires rigorous practice and recitations to play characters, without the aid of verbal communication and expression. Hence, it should be no so surprise that Nicole was able to seamlessly transit into acting.

Music as the common epicentre, between dance and film productions alike, brought about this showcase of Ms Fortuin to illustrate the inter-connectivity of entertainment at large. As she is also the first female feature on the Lavatory Records publication, this interview is ground-breaking and pioneering in more ways than one.

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